// where feet may fall + q&a pt. 2 answers //

          // where feet may fall 
          + q&a pt. 2 answers // foot stories

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// poem loosely-inspired by "where feet may fail" + q&a answers //

// where feet may fall + q&a pt. 2 answers //

if wings could speak,

if wings could speak, they would tell me to fear not

if wings could speak, they would tell me to fear not the heights at which they have been,

if wings could speak, they would tell me to fear not the heights at which they have been, but rather the suffering that exists

if wings could speak, they would tell me to fear not the heights at which they have been, but rather the suffering that exists where my own feet may fall.

// q&a answers //

to begin, i'd just like to thank all of you for participating xx also, i am sorry for how long this took, but i haven't been on commaful bc of my exams xx thank you sm for waiting xx also, all of you are so sweet and incredibly dear to me and i appreciate all of the kind words that are left on all of my works xx tysm lovelies xx and with that, let the questions begin xx

@ambergaudreau asked: "what is your biggest dream?"

honestly my biggest dream is to publish poetry books with illustrations done by my best friend and going on (a) book tour(s) with her and being able to meet people who have supported me and read my work xx

@ambergaudreau also asked: "what do you do in your free time?"

aside from writing poetry, i spend a lot of time with my best friends, just like taking walks and hanging out. also, i spend a lot of time doing music-related hobbies, like simply listening to it, singing, playing ukulele/guitar/bass, etc. xx (i also waste time on memes, youtube, etc. but we don't have to talk about it hehe) xx

@ambergaudreau also asked: "if you could, would you turn back time so you could do something over? "

okay so i have one serious one and one less serious one.

so last year around this time, my maternal grandma passed away. she spent a lot of time with me when i was really really little, but after then she moved back to her home country and i didn't see her. i tried to get in contact with her, but it didn't really work bc my mom wasn't really on good terms with her and whenever i tried to contact her, she wouldn't answer.

so it was a weird time for me bc i was obviously grieving but i didn't know her as much as people assumed i did, so i was kind of being forced to feel something that i didn't. ik that sounds bad, but i obviously missed her but i didn't know how to feel in that situation. so, if i could change something, it'd be to try harder to get in contact with her.

so it feels weird transitioning to something like this after such a serious topic. but i'm just gonna say it. so last year in october, me and my friend went to a twenty one pilots concert. at first, we had section 3 tickets (the furthest away from the stage) but you could still see pretty well. plus, the lead singer's wife always watches from up there, so we were hoping we'd get to see her.

but this security guy behind us said that there were some section 1 seats available if we wanted to move. so obviously we took them and we were literally next to the stage. (which i was so so grateful for, don't get me wrong, this was by far the best day of my life thus far). not long after, my friend got a text from her friend that was sitting by us in section 3 (she came separately)

this girl sent a picture of the lead singer's wife saying she just got there as she left. it may seem weird to be this caught up on a lead singer's wife, but it's kind of one of those things you only get if you're in the fandom. but it was fine, i had a great time. afterwards, we were driving home and this guy in a white sweater was walking his dog. i couldn't see his face, but his dog looked familiar.

the next day, i was on instagram, and the drummer posted a video of him in a white sweater walking his dog. so we literally drove past the drummer and didn't do anything. it might seem that serious, but this band literally saved my life, so i would have at least wanted to express my gratitude in person. instead of driving by.

so long story short, i would stay a bit longer in section 3, to see his wife, and i would stop by the drummer and at least say thank you for everything and maybe get a picture.

@sugar_cupcake asked: "what's your most favourite childhood memory?"

i spent the whole day thinking about an answer to this question. and you would think that i came up with some brilliant answer, but ig not hehe xx so the one event i kept going back to is when my dad took me to a big time rush concert, it was the first concert i went to and it was in general (for that age at least) a lot of fun xx as you can see, a lot of my life has music involved

@sugar_cupcake also asked: "what are the five words you would use to describe your character?"

i really like this question xx i'd say affectionate, empathetic, reliable, determined, and adaptable

@in asked: "what are your favorite scents and what do you associate them with?"

you have no idea how much i like this question. okay so: 1) definitely lavender, my mom loves it so much, and i am not able to see her a lot and it reminds me off her and calms me down. 2) citrus(lemon/orange), it really reminds me of summer and makes me want to get up and do something

3) peppermint, so me and my friend are obsessed with peppermint oil omg, it helps me sleep and clears my sinuses, but it reminds me of like christmas and the holidays also some scents (that aren't packaged into essential oils) that i like, are the smell of pierogi (polish dumplings), they remind me of my grandma (paternal, who is still alive) and her cooking in general

@in also asked: "what's your favorite way to pass the time?"

i really love listening to music, but really LISTENING to it. like the drums and the bass line and the harmonies and the guitar and really inspecting it. i also love to watch live concerts of bands i like (the whole week, i have been watching a lot of artists like twenty one pilots, billie eilish, the 1975, etc. perform at bbs's big weekend, bc someone finally uploaded full videos from their concerts)

i love love love watching live videos of artists, i have no idea why but i could spend a whole day doing nothing but that. also, i like to sing and play various instruments (listed earlier), sometimes i mess around and try to arrange some music myself, but it's just for fun. obviously, i also pass the time by reading and writing. lastly, i spend a lot of time just hanging out with my friends.

we're pretty boring, we just take walks and overanalyze everything and have deep conversations, but it's the small things that matter. i wouldn't trade them for the world.

@in also asked: "what is your favorite weather/season?"

okay so this is a bit complicated. in theory, my favorite season is spring, but spring in chicago is gross, like either a continuation of winter, or a wildly humid version of summer. so where i live, my favorite season is autumn, but in theory, my favorite season is spring. as for weather, i really like a cool breeze, where i can walk around in sweaters all day, so basically autumn.

@in also asked: "what alternative universe (like different worlds in a book/movie etc.) do you wish you lived in?

i would say something from either dc/marvel, but that would be so messy...maybe i'd live where sherlock is at? idk being in that sort of place would be so interesting and would really keep me on my toes

@soothrain asked: "your biggest pet peeve?"

nothing ticks me off more when i am talking directly to someone and they are so invested in their phone that they are not listening to a word i say, especially if they make it blatantly obvious they are not paying attention

@soothrain also asked: "what's an exotic pet you'll like to keep?"

omg my best friend and i are in love with orcas and yes, that's the answer, an orca

@soothrain also asked: "do you watch anime?"

i do not watch any current animes, my friends and i watch older animes, like totoro, howl's moving castle, etc. sometimes

@soothrain also asked: "what are some of your hobbies?"

-writing/reading -listening to music -playing instruments (listed earlier) -taking walks -doodling/bullet journaling -singing -painting -stress-cleaning -watching movies/youtube -looking up memes -wasting time on tumblr

@lisha asked: "what is your real name?"

i am kind of trying to conceal my identity (idk if any of you know the poet atticus on instagram, but he's an anonymous poet and i am kind of trying to do that too), but as a poet, i go by anastasia

@lisha asked: "do you like talking to me?"

ofc love !! i love talking to each and everyone of you, i wouldn't be here without your continuous support !! so if you ever need anything, feel free to message me !!

@lisha also asked: "where do you get inspiration from?"

i do most of my writing at the very end of the day before i go to sleep, because that is when i am most aware of how i am feeling, so you can try that. also, i read a lot of poetry and if a phrase intrigues me i think to build on it. also, there are lists of prompts online that can help you get started xx hope this helped xx

@lisha also asked: "do you have any siblings and, if so, do you often quarrel?"

yes, i have a half-brother who is five years older than me. we don't quarrel because he moved out a while ago, but even when he lived with my mom, we never really fought.

@abstractvt asked: "dream destination?"

new zealand ugh i wanna go there so badly

@abstractvt also asked: "dream occupation?"

poet, one where i take care of everything involving my work, like publishing, marketing, etc.

@abstractvt also asked: "how long have you been writing?"

about six years now (but you will never see any of my work from that long ago, i will take those poems to my grave)

@abstractvt also asked: "what do you think of me as a person n a writer?"

you are incredibly kind and fun to talk to, i hope we can talk again soon xx also, you are an amazing writer, i really enjoyed collaborating with you xx

@abstractvt also asked: "favorite poet?"

all-time: edgar allan poe and emily dickinson current: atticus (on instagram), blythe baird, rupi kaur, denice frohman, etc.

@abstractvt also asked: "commaful close friends?"

(in no particular order) @abstactvt (you ofc) @sugar_cupcake @sassmyass1 @soothrain @standarooni @friedchicken @dogslinwriter (we don't talk much but you're super sweet) @skye (we also don't talk much but you're super sweet as well)

@emmewritesart asked: "when did you begin writing?"

about six years ago

tysm for the questions and sorry that this is so so so late xx i love you all so much and i hope you update more often now that i am on break xx

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