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// analysis of // tattoos of pain // which is found here: https://commaful.com/play... //

// tattoos of pain // analysis //

before i begin, i'd like to make sure that it is understood that this is my own personal analysis of this poem, this is simply where i came from when i wrote this poem, and if your interpretation of the poem is completely different, that's completely okay! i'd love to hear your interpretations in the comments below!!

**trigger warning** mentions of self harm

sorry that this is another short one haha xx but here it is anyways

overall, this poem is about how one might feel really hurt from someone, whether that be a past lover or anyone else, and how they might struggle with the mental/emotional pain and might try to cause physical pain on top of that. this is meant to be an alternative to that, a reason not to hurt yourself, because you've gone though too much already.

i start off saying that my body wears a pattern of scars, one that is intricately laced together. the pain i feel is not physical, but my entire body hurts when i think about what you did to me.

i go on to say that my body is branded by tattoos of pain. i refuse to hurt myself, so i draw on tattoos to hide the hurt i feel when thinking about what you did to me.

i move on to say that my body refuses to be marked by you, meaning i am far too strong to go through more pain than you caused me. meaning i refuse to hurt myself over the mistakes you have made.

i end the poem saying the imprint you left on my life is hidden deep in my skull and threatens to bleed out. this is me referencing that the only way people will know about you is through my poetry, not through any marks you might have caused. i use the pain that i felt after you did what you did to write poetry, a creative outlet instead of a destructive one.

this poem serves as a reminder that no matter what you’ve gone through, there’s no reason to hurt yourself. you’ve already gone through enough and you don’t need to feel any more hurt. find yourself a creative outlet and use that as a coping mechanism, it’ll do more good than anything else. y’all deserve the best, and i don’t want any of y’all to hurt yourself, because you deserve the world, every one of you.

**reminder** you can join my taglist at any time, just comment down below and i’ll add you xx love you all sm and stay safe xx pm me if you ever need someone to talk to xx

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