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// i’m suffering the effects of ending on a semicolon //

// simple punctuation error //

i told myself

that the only reason

one wouldn’t forget

those which they loved

and which inevitably harmed them

is because when they wrote their

stories with permanent ink,

the remnants of their other half,

the one that is now gone,

spilled onto sheets of their future.

but I’ve passed all the pages

that your ink has bled onto,

and i continue to find myself

thinking about you.

and remembering the splinters you left

in my skin,

instead of pulling them out,

and letting myself heal.

instead of letting myself forget.

although I now write in pencil,

to keep my past hidden away,

and my present in the moment,

you keep appearing in the margins

of my tattered notebook.

i keep revisiting the remnants of us,

the remnants of our past

and wondering why.

the only plausible explanation

is that i must’ve ended us

with incorrect grammar.

a simple punctuation error

dragged you into the rest of my life.

and now i can’t let you go.

in the moment,

i hoped for us to be a continuation,

and now i’m suffering

the effects of ending on a semicolon,

where i should’ve placed a period,

and left you in my past.

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