// ode to the burglar who steals souvenirs from places he has trespassed in //
// ode to the burglar who steals souvenirs from places he has trespassed in // poems stories

weeklybrent // you should be loving someone //
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// her body was not a void for you to fill //

// ode to the burglar who steals souvenirs from places he has trespassed in //

** trigger warning: mentions of rape ** ** contains some vulgar language **

she is not a walking fuck,

nor was she ever.

you mistook her kindness

as interest,

because a simple glimpse in your direction

could turn you on.

but it’s all hormones right?

something you can’t control right?

that’s more intellect than you can handle right?

she was not nice to you

because she was interested,

and you knew damn well she was committed,

but you thought it was all a game right?

she was just a pawn right?

just a fuck right?


the idea of consent must’ve been far

from your level of understanding

when you decided to do what you did.

but the idea of her accepting your actions

was far from her comfort level,

and you did it anyway.

i’d just like to remind you

that her body was not an empty home,

and you were no visitor.

you are not welcome in her temple,

and if you didn’t even give her time to explain that,

then you didn’t even try to ring to doorbell.

you wouldn’t barge into a stranger’s home would you?

so what made you think breaking and entering

was suddenly allowed.

was suddenly legal.

was suddenly morally okay.

and i don’t want to hear your bullshit

about what she was wearing.

the space between her jeans

and the hem of her shirt

and not a void for your hands to fill.

you leave your window open sometimes right?

how would you feel if i climbed through?

would it be your fault

because you left your window open?


because i chose to do that,

just like how you goddamn chose

to violate her fucking rights.

so i don’t want your fingers

climbing up her spine either.

did you at least knock before you opened her legs?


am i making you uncomfortable?

did you think i would be a bit more considerate

after you didn’t even consider her a person.

sit down and fucking listen for once,

because we all know this is the closest

you’ll ever get to a goddamn interrogation.

this is no longer about learning basic human rights,

because we’ve all had those violated already,

this is about morals and basic human decency,

two more things you’ll never understand,

but you’ll never get to take away from her.

you’ve taken too much away from her already.


along with every other person

who considered her body

as anything less than a place of worship,

is the reason she hides herself.

you are the reason

she always crosses her legs.

you are the reason

she wears nothing less

than sweatpants and sweatshirts.

you are the reason

her front door is double-bolted,

and all her windows are closed,

and covered by blinds.

sometimes she doesn’t know

whether she’s having a nightmare,

or living her death,

because she’s lived in the dark for so long.

so before you lock your door,

and close your windows,

and shut your blinds,

and fall asleep tonight,

think of the people who can’t sleep,

because they fear burglars

who steal souvenirs of places

they’ve trespassed in.

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