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// our love thrives due to the compost of my past lovers //

// garden of love //

*announcement at the end of this poem, hope you enjoy*

there was a time

when i forced myself

to love a boy

i barely knew.

i forced myself

to let him to invade my thoughts

as i picked hundreds

of flower petals from their stems

whispering to myself

i love him,

i love her not,

i love him,

i love them not,

i love him,

i love you not,

while silent tears

streamed down my cheeks,

like unspoken waterfalls

that held far too many secrets.

that was then.


i want to plant you a garden,

one whose home is the very room

that holds hundreds of wilted flower petals

and oceans of stale tears.

but, through all those years,

i’ve realized that without a bit of compost,

and plenty of water,

the garden i made for you wouldn’t thrive,

similar to how

without an imagination,

i couldn’t love a boy

i never knew.


i will be posting the answers to my q&a this weekend,

so if you’d like to still participate/add more questions, please do so before the end of friday. (i’d like to answer as many questions as possible, so if you’ve got anything to ask, please post it on my q&a post.)

tysm, love you all 💗

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