// frostbite from a void //
// frostbite from a void // poets of commaful stories

weeklybrent // you should be loving someone //
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// the burning i felt from our love was not from warmth, but rather from frostbite //

// frostbite from a void //

your heart beat wildly

beneath a layer of sheer ice.

it was inevitably frozen,

and i got frostbite.

i reached my hand out

to your heart

and felt your pulse

as my fingers bruised black and blue.

i watched as i lost myself to you,

and did nothing to stop it.

i was blinded by your hearts ability

to beat while broken

and called it love.

i watched as i disappeared

into darkness,

if only to take away yours.

i waited for your heart to thaw,

waited for your colorless void

of a body to fill,

but all i saw when i looked at you

was a lifeless void with a beating heart.

and i called my admiration of you love.

i kept a hand to your heart,

as if i was pledging my body away

just for your possibility of life,

and you stood motionless

as your heart melted.

it turned to putty in my hands,

then thinned,

to a shapeless liquid

that slipped through my fingers,

similarly to your love for me.

i tried to gather as much of your heart

as i could

but you spilled onto the floor

and the ground swallowed you whole.

you live on,

you lifeless, heartless, thawed out void,

and a bed of flowers blooms beneath you,

spilling out colors that you selfishly hid away from the world.

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