// crescent moons and satin covers //
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weeklybrent // you should be loving someone //
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// our love is the perfect shade of gray //

// crescent moons and satin covers //

we are a mess

of feathery touches,

stolen kisses,

shallowed breaths,

and lost souls,

under crescent moons

and satin covers,

but our love,

is anything but a mess.

as we intertwine our limbs

in the same way

we used to braid each other’s

strands of hair,

and exchange oxygen,

in the same way

that water seems to ebb and flow

from the shore to the sea,

we are one.

we are in perfect harmony,

the yin to my yang,

and vice versa,

both equal parts light and dark,

creating the perfect

“in-the-middle” shade of gray.

whoever said that love

was supposed to feel like fireworks,

like sparks within my belly,

was sorely mistaken,

because our love felt like

the backdrop of a night sky,

so beautiful and intricate,

deep and labyrinthic,

so easy to get lost in,

if it weren’t for our stars

always guiding us back to life.

if there were asteroids colliding somewhere,

they must’ve been millions of light years away,

because all i ever felt with you

was warmth,

whether it be from your breath along my ear,

or from our intertwined limbs,

as long as it was from you.

as long as it was home.

you were home.

you were safe.

i picked stardust from your eyelashes,

and saw constellations within your irises.

your love was like a black hole,

with no clear end,

but it was where i wanted to be for the rest of my life.

but the thing about living in the dark,

is you don’t seem to realize

until it’s all too late

that stars eventually die and stop shining,

but right before,

they might explode into a supernova of tangled love.

was that supernova composed of us?

or was that another relationship’s inevitable end?

did our love ever die?

or did you just fall out of my orbit,

and into anothers’?

did you just happen to collide with a planet

whose attraction you simply couldn’t resist?

whatever happened,

whatever you might have or might not have done

caused me to fall right back down to earth,

under crescent moons and satin covers,

and a pencil in hand,

writing of a love i’ve never felt,

of a love i’ll never feel,

all because i’m afraid of

losing myself in outer space,

but i know it’ll be okay,

because i write about this love

in the perfect “in-the-middle” shade of gray that my lead creates,

the only way this love deserves to be written,


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