// blinded by a memory //
// blinded by a memory // poem of the day stories

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// my kingdom heart is at rest // hope you enjoy this collaboration with the lovely @abstractvt //

// blinded by a memory //

you ruled my kingdom,

and my heart

was home to only you.

you were my king

and we reigned

over lands upon lands


the day i met you,

i was awestruck,

blinded by your light

but i thought to myself,

what a handsome star

has appeared in her wake.

i stared at you all day long,

with nothing but compassion and pure desire,

and when you sat next to me,

holding my hands,

i felt safe,

i felt at home,

my heart skipped a beat every time

our skin grazed one another’s.

but our first kiss

now serves as nothing but a memory,

of the time spent under a sky full of stars,

blinded by all the lights

that reached their beams to me,

and when you would not allow

me to reach back to them

with my own light.

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