Who Writes on Medium.com??

Who Writes on Medium.com?? question stories

wearebeloved https://medium.com/@breannalowman
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Do you have a Medium account? If so, I'd love to support and follow you.

Who Writes on Medium.com??

Hey all! I recently started writing on Medium.com. They have a great platform for poetry and short stories and you have a chance to get paid.

If you are already on Medium, let me know, I'd love to support and follow you! If not, you should check it out. Message me if you have any questions.

This is my profile page if anyone is interested. Though it only has one poem so far, haha. https://medium.com/@breannalowman

Have a wonderful day! And thank you to everyone who reads what I write and comments. This is such an incredibly encouraging community. Keep on writing everyone! You are all awesome!

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