Death Row

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I read Just Mercy a long time ago and recently saw the movie. Death row is what came to mind with the prison prompt.

Death Row

by Breanna Lowman

What gives us the right

To choose to end ones life?

Who should get to decide

Whether the guilty live or die?

And what about the unguilty

The wrongly accused

The criminalized

And victimized?

Is a death sentence justice

Is that how it works?

Or would a chance at restoration

Be true justice in action?

Ya I've heard it said

An eye for an eye

A tooth for a tooth

But what does following that prove?

We get the chance to be the evil

That was first done to us

But becoming what we were hurt by

Does not make everything all right.

The hurt will not vanish

The evil will not be undone

We will just have added

To the story of violence being spun.

We can justify it with justice

We can say it's what they deserve

But life is not that simple

And full stories are often unheard.

Oh, Humanity

May compassion be our strength

May love and kindness fight our battles

And create a world more at peace.

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