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In 88,016 BC when Immortality was considered a gene Jeremiah Octavious Marauder was rejected by his Parents for being a late boomer and put on someone’s doorstep.

My Immortality Story

In the year 88,016 B.C. a Baby Boy named Jeremiah Octavious Marauder was born in what is now known as Sacramento California.

It's unclear of the intentions to why his Parents left him on someone's porch.

The Mother rang the doorbell and ran away leaving the boy in the rain.

A guy named Gordon opened the door and almost shut the door until he looked down and saw a Baby Boy on the ground covered in a Blanket with a note on top of the Baby's head.

He read the note and then took the Baby inside the house.

Margaret: Is that a Baby you are holding?

Gorgon: It is indeed a Baby Boy named Jeremiah Marauder, his Mother sent him here and explained everything in a note.

Margaret: Never mind what the note says, the baby's clothes are soaking wet.

Gorgon: We don't have any baby clothes for him.

Margaret: I'll get the bath started for him while you go shopping for Baby Clothes.

Gordon: It is 12 at night, there's no way any store will be open now.

Margaret: For now wash and dry his clothes while I give the boy a nice bath.

A few hours later the Baby Boy was sleeping on the wooden floor while Gorgon and Margaret were pacing in a circle wondering what to do.

The next day the Rooster wouldn't shut up leading to a few Farmers taking out their Swords trying to chop it's head off.

Margaret came outside furious telling them to leave the Rooster alone.

Gordon was in his rocking chair unknown to most Gordon was the first to invent the Chair but he never shared his Inventions leading to nobody knowing of it's existence.

And Margaret who was also a very private woman invented Coffee who drank it everyday with Gordon.

A few hours of doing nothing but rocking in a very uncomfortable brick chair lead to heavy rain.

The years have been cruel to us as we sang in the Rain for a hundred days.

The next few weeks have been worse as rumors came knocking at our door.

Something to do with Jeremiah was left on Gordon's door because of who his Parents were and were disappointed Jeremiah was a late boomer that his Immortal Gene wasn't working.

Day after day a crowd of people would worship Jeremiah believing he would rule a Continent.

But since there was only three continents of people he could only choose between USA, Europe or Australia.

There have been plans to add The Seas of Rahasia (Asia) as a developed Continent but it didn't become a thing.

And for 1,000 miles of the Cactus Desert Land (Africa) nobody would dare stay for more than five minutes.

Indeed it was outrageously hot there and nobody can hear the screams of Tourists that's been there as they died of dehydration in less than five minutes.

Back in those times there was only one Language called Ancient Lang.

The first religion was called The Salsa Sun which was about 4 Guardians who help you find people and animals but for those who are bad get lead to a land of Snakes to suffer the wrath of

their pet Gouda.

On my 10,000th Birthday I moved to Europe and built a Castle and became the first King of Europe.

As the first Tyrant King I met a Servant who was a passionate worshipper who proudly worshipped the ground I walked on.

We eventually got married and had 3 Kids.

One of the rules I had in place was to have everyone in Europe speak in Ancient Lang.

I was a strict King who brutally murdered or tortured those who were lazy or refused to work

I had a Torture Chamber and I had a sport called Chopping Heads.

Not only did we chop Heads but we also chopped Butts and they were hanged on a Fence for Tourists to see.

When my Daughter got older she became a Tyrant while my Boys didn't want anything to do with Royalty.

I ruled Europe for 70,000 years and regretfully I made a Potion to make my Wife Immortal.

My Kids had my Immortal Gene but they stopped aging at the age of 6, I was a late boomer that stopped aging in my twenties.

About 12,000 years ago Scientists in Europe were working on a project that wanted to create "humans" with different skin in a creepy lab using some unknown Purple Liquid.

And that is how the first Black Male was born.

Things became monstrous even for my standards when the Scientists started cloning the Black Male,

at first it was going smoothly creating the first Black Female even though she was just a Clone it was still an achievement.

Things went south when some of the Clones were created deformed and so I destroyed their Lab and "Adopted" the last Clone trying to raise it as my Son.

The Deformed ones were doomed to die in a week and so I buried my Black Son and stayed in my room thinking about this cruel, cruel world.

A thousand years later I witnessed my Daughter putting a lazy Servant in the Torture Chamber so I punished her and kept her in the Torture Chamber for a day and went to my room to take

a nap about to quit being a King because my Daughter was becoming me.

I woke up to my crazy Wife starting a fire in my room telling me she was jealous of our Daughter for having so much more "authority" Immortality really messed up my Wife's thinking.

Before I burned with my Castle my Guards chopped her head off and then I passed out.

I was in a deep coma for 10,000 years.

I woke up 36 years ago and came back to America and got a new Identity.

I'm still wondering what I should do with my life as I write stories on Wattpad to keeping me busy and play video games to help with my Depression.

It's incredible waking up in modern time seeing all that's changed since I was in a coma.

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