my energies :))
my energies :)) stories
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wawa_lover dm if u want <3 im just as depresso as u
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if i say any of these now u know!!

my energies :))

i have what i call energy swings (like mood swings but not quite)

first off-

1. hyper im usually very giggly and silly and so full of energy. ill usually spam or multiple text but i act very childish. im usually never hyper

2. tired hyper im tired but have energy. no where near as energetic as hyper but i have energy and am usually talkative and sometimes ill yawn

3. tired self explanatory this is usually paired with tired hyper (see 2) or tired down (see 4)

4. tired down last but not least- this doesn't mean im mad!!! im usually just very tired and won't talk a lot. might mean i had a bad day or my energy just dropped for some reason. my texts might me short and dry and i might say i just don't feel like it

5. down this is rarer but it's basically a really low point. this is less of an energy and more of a mood but i usually feel rlly bad about myself and might need some positive or kind words. usually coupled with crying lol

sorry if this confused you! thanks!! love u guys! mwah!

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