Imperfect Lines
Imperfect Lines squiggle stories

wawa_lover that tall theater girl
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About a student learning that it's okay to make mistakes.

Imperfect Lines

At my old school

My lines were expected to be straight

So I tried my hardest to perfect them

Rulers were banned

Freehand only

So I took the time and dug my pencil deep into the paper

Steady hand

But there were always curves

Little imperfections that brought my grade down

And then I moved

And my new school asked for freehand lines as well

So I used my ruler to make straight lines

And my teacher asked why they were so perfect

And I told her that I wanted a good grade

So she asked me to draw the messiest line I could

The waviest, curliest, most imperfect line I could

And so I took a breath and drew

A squiggle

And I was finally calm

For I was in a place where I was free to be unique.

And make mistakes

A place where my lines could be imperfect

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