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a story about a dystopian future


its been 1000 years since the day the bomb went off and the year is 3019 I have only heard storys of what happened years ago but all I know is that it made the entire world

a brown dirt covered mess with crumbled buildings and much more. but anyway my names inferno and lets got on with the story....

I woke up hearing the cawing of the crows outside my only alarm clock I have to wake me up.

I then sighed and slid out of bed I headed over to the corner and picked my clothes off of the dusty sawdust ridden floor I put my clothes on reading for another boring day I then headed out

of my house... well if you can even to be honest its just what remains of the buildings of the past....

I quickly hid behind the wall as I heard the vultures walking past and not the birds the vultures are a group of savages that take over and kill everyone or take then all I know is when you

get taken by them you never return.. its what happened to my parents.... 10 years ago... once they were out of the area I waited another 20 mins before heading into the center of the town area..

and rang the bell all my friends around my age headed out and met me in the town we then heading to the farms near our town and started harvesting food and we gave it to Billy whose turn it

was to cook he then headed to the cook room and awhile later returned with food it was a salad we all sat around the center and ate.. when suddenly...

hunter the vultures wolf came running past we then heard the call of the vultures

we all ran into the waterfall and hit in a secret cave we found when we first came here . it was our safe place us ..

the lost ones all of us have lost our parents all of them were taken by the vultures. we hid for what felt like forever ….

until it was dark outside and we saw a wavy ball of lighgt on the other side...

then the sound of hooves getting closer and closer and closer we all quickly stood up and ran … the thing about this cave is it has a escape tunnel we ran and ran me leading as always...

we came out on the other side and didn't stop running until we founf a town miles away and a somehow still standing building with only broken windows we ran in and shut the door behind us ….

I started doing a head count when suddly I noticed something theres normally 11 of us …. but there was 9 …. Jennifer and harry had gone missing.

I knew they there when we left the cave they were at the back behind all of us it was then it hit me they had been taken... "we must save them" I said ….

and for the first time ever someone talked back to me "no" it was Kelvin.. I stared at him I was furious.... "excuse me...." I said

"no we cant go after them its what the vultures want" kelvin said...

at this point my body filled with anger and something that happened in a long long time started to happen something I hoped wouldent happen to me again after it last happened i changed.....

i grabbrf my dagger amd threw it at kelvin killing him before something hit me in the back if the head knocking me out

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