goosebumps [By wasted bliss]
goosebumps [By wasted bliss] goosebumps stories

wastedbliss i don't like color orange
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a quick story i just pulled out of my head for you guys and the goosebumps thingy, I tried to give it a scary nursery rhyme feeling, but its for you guys to decide if i succeeded. Hope you enjoy!

goosebumps [By wasted bliss]

My heart is Racing like a steam engine. A horse with no power. A pegasus reaching for the heaven.

Will I survive the shock in my chest?

My heart jumps out of my mouth and runs around the ceiling forming a crest.

These spasms make me twitch. I feel my brain expanding,

Pop my eyes out to scratch an itch that's too demanding.

All these colors, the taste of nothing Break through the roof, I heard someone knocking

Yell from the chimney: "Is someone there? I can't see, my eyes ran off like Alices hare!"

Jumped in a hollow

In a hat I got swallowed.

My brain stopped expanding and shrunk to a size of a gerbil.

Now the mimes are mad, stuck in the box I created

Invisible silence, are they ranting?

I thought I'd climb a hill at my staircase,

Chasing my eyes Running with my heart

tripped over and fell

landed at the base of my bed, I heard them yell:

"I need a head space I need a breather, The heat is too much falling asleep i am stuck melting next to the heater. Pick me up and put me into the back of the freezer!"

Who pulled a rag over my head, stuck me in the bag while i lay in the bed

Popped my eyes back to see the person sticking my heart back in my chest.

It's another me- eyeless, hatless a rider without a head.

Run back in the hollow, catch that hare!

He's the one who threw you away, Aimlessly wandering, running around scared..

a plastic figure of a rifleman a soldier in the field of the dead.

I'm falling back on the carpet out of my mind i wake up with goosebumps at the back of my neck with sweat running down my spine all over my bed.

a dream that is the itch behind my eyes, stuck in my head. i read it to you, thats my sight my truth to you that i just fed.

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