Leading Lady on Broadway

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wanderingartist an artist, a traveller
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She is the leading lady on Broadway, yet despite the glitz and the glamour, she misses one thing from her life: connecting with the audience on a personal level, and learning about their stories.

Leading Lady on Broadway

Bright lights and starry eyed audience wherever I go,

From one city to the next, always on the road.

So many eyes on me - yet I cannot connect with a single soul,

Too much focus on staying within the stage character - yet I cannot find my own.

My face and emotions hidden behind the mask,

"If you want to be the lead on Broadway, you better stay on task."

There is no time to learn about 'their' stories, continue with the show,

For your life as an artist is not that slow.

Tomorrow will be a new city with new souls,

And for you - 'their' stories will always be untold.

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