never be the same again
never be the same again flaws stories
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wakandan 18 / just a hobby
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Overthinking an apology that was already accepted, is all.

never be the same again

I tell you I'm sorry but you simply say, "it's cool"

when I know that means it's not,

being me, I know when someone says one thing and means another

being me, maturity is kind of a challenge when I don't know what to say when I've done wrong

But for you, I tried my very best,

because I don't want to lose a friend like you,

but knowing how you reacted to such a thing,

opens my mind to the many flaws in a friendship like this,

lets me know that even words can break a bond so strong simply because I inwardly don't want you to be self-depreciating,



to the words and actions of others

but that's not for me to judge or tell you what to do

and I'm sorry for trying to play that role,

and I'm sorry for backhandedly saying what I said to upset you,

when truly it wasn't my intention,

but I said it anyway,

because I'm not perfect,

and maybe I don't know how to be a good friend

and I know my mistakes and flaws can turn things around between us

forgiveness is all I ask for

but I know things, after they fall or crack just a little,

things, they'll never be the same again

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