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In the unassailable, assaulting shadows of self-doubt and depression you find yourself getting lost within it, when really you shouldn't be searching for a way out at all when you have the power to destroy it.

love yourself

In the unassailable, assaulting shadows of self-doubt and depression

you find yourself getting lost within it instead of getting out of it,

you start to lose yourself, as well as your will to search for an exit

and escape, a door to this world that leads to something better for you

you get so flooded by the shadowy winds piercing through every hole and every crack of your body

that you forget to search for a way out,

instead, you allow the sharp hisses of whispers of the clouds to flood your senses

to make you think differently, feel differently, act differently,

and then this darkness, this 'assault...'

it becomes your friend,

and instead of it being this thing that makes you feel vulnerable and attacked,

it makes you feel stronger

stronger because you have absorbed it and made it into something, and that strength builds up

making itself turn into you

making you believe that this is the strength that is pulling you out of the darkness,

when really, it is only pulling you deeper

you cannot do that,

you can't allow these shadows to change your thought process into only allowing toxic energy and thoughts to float above the surface

while hope, sacrifice, determination, refuge, safety, happiness,

sinks to the very bottom

you become someone you don't know

you cry because you want to be more, but you're not thinking right like you used to

you have to search for that escape

you have to get up, stop playing and tossing dice with darkness, because it is not your friend

it tells you lies, it makes you believe them through hours and hours of it searching for unreasonable reasons to make you believe that it is something you should fall for it believes you are weak, gullible, and easy to fool

get up off your knees, return the feeling to the numb sensation inside

and fight for that light

that light that you think you will find in a few mere footsteps or clues

you think you'll find it by walking miles and miles, shouting, calling out to those dark, empty shadows in search for redemption

you think that you will find the light in everything else

but yourself.

you search so desperately for so much in things that have nothing else to offer to you, that have no intention on exposing themselves to you

you want to know where all of this self-doubt, this sadness, this happiness, this self-love comes from

it comes from YOU

it starts and ends with you

what you do with the puzzle piece you are born with is what it will appear to be in front of you

what you build around yourself is the aura you surround yourself with for as long as you allow it to

you should stop worrying about the aura that you think and want others to see

and start thinking, believing, worrying about what you would like to see

you search for the light in you,

that light inside that is growing dimmer, and dimmer, and dimmer,

but it never dies

you know why?

it's the light that has been waiting for you

to give it your touch, your embrace,

to give it the power that rests within the back of your mind,

that is from the bottom of your heart,

the pit of your stomach,

and the ocean of your beautiful soul

right now, it just sits there, a dark cloud floating above it

it wants you to save it

it wants you to save YOU

you created it

you want to change it?

you want to fix it?

go ahead

you own it

it was yours from the beginning

yours from the start

your darkness has been in you

your light has been in you

your heart has been in you

your love has been in you

your soul has been in you

everything lies within

stop searching for a door,

stop searching for a voice,

a being,

a clue,

and search for you instead

search for something inside that will throw you into a pit of opportunities rather than a pit of despair

find that click that makes you feel happy enough to snap your fingers and inflict it upon another

think about one thing at a time, at a day before you start to think of another

slow down, slow down

breathe, and breathe

love, and love

do what you believe is the true you and not the assaulted you,

the victimized you

the bullied you

the tired you

the depressed you

I know you believe there is more to you than you think there is

there is always more

you're always going to question yourself if there is more to you, if there is more to give, if there is any more to take

there is always more, everything inside of you is everlasting, never ending, unlimited, powerful, full of opportunity if you just believe in yourself

you have a purpose, and you don't need to be reminded of so

because your very will to stay here, to search within yourself rather than the endless darkness surrounding you

is enough proof to show that you believe

there is a happy you

a strong you

a proud you

an amazing you

I hope that you don't have to pretend to be happy in order to believe it

I hope that you don't have to give up too much of yourself for others to feel fulfilled

I hope that the world gives you twice in return of what you have given to it

I hope that all of your dreams and wishes come true

I hope that it all happens, because the way it does

is when you stand in the mirror

and you tell yourself

that you love yourself

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