The Elementalists Part 2
The Elementalists Part 2 romance stories

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“Come on, cheer up! You’ll be fine tomorrow! Everyone is nervous when they do the test, and both Kim and I know exactly how you are feeling,” Dylan said. After that remark, we sat in silence for a while.

The Elementalists Part 2

I walked in comfortable silence next to Kim until she asked a question. I know you’re thinking, what could be wrong with asking a question? I’d say a lot of things.

“You really can’t remember your name?” She asked me.

“Nope” I replied, popping the p.

“What about family, where you came from?” Kim pushed.

“All I remember is waking up in the middle of these woods this morning. I remember nothing before that. I don’t remember my name, if I had a family, where I lived, or how old I even am.

I don’t remember how I even got into the forest,” I muttered. I looked down at my feet. All of a sudden, my scruffy shoes became real interesting.

She didn’t say anything for the rest of the way, and I was glad. I wanted time to think, think about where I came from, why I am covered in bruises and scratches.

I wanted time to think about my family, if I even had one.

“We’re here,” Dylan announced, and lead the way to the largest school I had ever seen.

Well, I assumed it was the largest one I had ever seen. It was absolutely massive, with five 2-storey buildings, painted five different colours; Red, Green, Blue, Purple and White.

I trailed behind Dylan and Kim as they walked up to a large pair of Bronze gates with words inscribed on it. It read Elementare School.

From here, I could also see a large field, with explosions and the sound of swords clanging together coming from that direction. A training fields.

I could see another building, 2-storey as well, which I assumed must be the proper school. This made the five, colourful building the dorm rooms.

The other building might as well have been a 2-storey mansion.

The brick walls that made up the outside we decorated with vines and flowers, and stone archways created with intricate detail lined the pathways.

I noticed all this as we walked down such a path, scoring looks from the students we passed. Dylan walked on one side of me while Kim walked on the other.

Craned my head around to look back at the gate, and I saw them closing behind us. I hadn’t realised we’d walked through until I saw the archways. This place was amazing.

I didn’t know where to look, everything wanting my attention at once. I went cross eyed if I even tried. Dylan glanced at me the one and only time I did so, and cracked up laughing.

This earned even more looks from the students, but we ignored them.

We arrived at the entrance to the green building, one of the dorm rooms I guessed.

“This is the earth Elementalist’s Dorms. In other words, my home here at school.” Kim explained, as I gazed up at the exterior.

She grabbed my arm and dragged me inside and up a set of stairs, straight past a bunch of elementalists who gave us funny looks before returning to their conversation.

I was dragged through a doorway into what could only be Kim’s room. There were 2 beds, meaning she shared it with somebody.

I was pushed down onto the bed as Kim went through her clothes, bringing out a fresh set of jeans, and a short sleeve green t-shirt.

“Here, try these on,” Kim said, pushing them into my hands. I looked at them, and Kim said, “hey, you should have a shower too. Get rid of all that dirt on your face and in your hair.”

And that is how I ended up in a fresh set of slightly too big clothes with my short, wet, blonde hair tied up in a ponytail.

At first, I was wondering why Dylan wasn’t in here, and Kim ended up explaining that while she was an earth elementalist, Dylan was a fire Elementalist, meaning he wasn’t allowed in the dorm.

Kim studied me critically, then showed me to the mirror. My eyes… they… they were normal. Not startling ocean blue, or leafy green or fiery red. Just a normal hazel.

Kim said that my eyes would change colour depending my element when I discovered just what it was. I hoped she was right.

There was a small kitchen in the room stocked with food; cereal, bread, marshmallows, even veggies; you name it, it was there.

Kim let me have a pack of marshmallows, and I wolfed them down as I followed her down the stairs and back outside, to see one pissed off Dylan.

“You were in there for forty minutes! Forty. We were meant to be with the Headmaster 5 minutes ago!” He growled, glaring at Kim and I.

“Oh, come on. We won’t get in trouble for letting Her have a shower and get into some fresh clothes if we hurry,” Kim replied, and raced off across the ground, leaving myself and Dylan to follow.

I’d just finished munching on the last marshmallow as we got to a door in one of the hallways inside the school building.

I’d followed Kim and Dylan the whole way, almost getting lost and left behind on several occasions when I got distracted or saw something new and interesting. Dylan knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a muffled voice said.

Dylan glanced back at Kim and I, and swung open the door. Dylan led the way into the room, followed by Kim, and finally by me. I walked slowly in, the door swinging shut behind me.

“Have a seat,” said the Headmaster, a middle-aged man with close cropped hair and dark skin. His eyes were purple, bright purple.

He gestured to three chairs in front of a varnished oak wood desk. Kim and Dylan sat, while I remained standing, resting my hands on the back of my chair. The Headmaster didn’t seem to mind.

I tapped my fingers nervously against the back of the chair.

“Hello, my dear. Hello Kim, Hello Dylan,” the Headmaster said.

“Good afternoon, sir,” both Kim and Dylan chorus.

“Hello,” I mumble quietly, and glance around the office. The walls are lined with books on wooden shelves, split by the occasional lamp.

There was a large window behind the desk, on the side the Headmaster was sitting.

The desk was neat and orderly, with a small pile of papers pushed to one side, and a cup filled with pens and pencils. Otherwise the desk was bare.

I looked back up at the Headmaster to see he was watching me.

“What do you think?” he asked, gesturing around the office.

“You have a lot of books,” I noticed.

“Why yes, I do. Anyway, the reason you are here. What do you know already about the Elements, the Elementalists and the School?” the Headmaster queried.

I glanced at Kim and Dylan and don’t answer. I looked over at the headmaster and said, “I know the eyes change colour to represent people’s elements.

I know these people are called elementalists and have power over their element. I know there are 5 elements, just as there are 5 dorm rooms.

I’m guessing that 4 of the elements are earth, wind, fire and air,” I finished, looking to the headmaster for confirmation.

He nodded, “That’s right. There are 5 Elements, 4 of which you said. The 5th and final element is called spirit.

If you possess this element, you have the ability to heal others and shapeshift among other powers.

This is the school,” the headmaster said, “the school is where elementalists can go to learn to control their powers, and to find a way to use them to help, not destroy.”

“You were looking for me because I had powers?” I asked.

The headmaster paused thoughtfully for a moment, then said simply, “Yes.”

I didn’t believe him for a second. And from the looks that Kim and Dylan were giving each other, there was a whole other layer of facts and secrets under that ‘yes’.

I decided to let it go for now, and instead asked, “I must have an element, right? Why else would I be here?”

“Yes, you do have an element although we do not yet know what it is. Tomorrow morning you will be tested for your element. You will need to arrive at 8 in the testing hall.

I’m sure Kim will be happy to show you where it is tomorrow. Although it might then be a few days before your eyes change colour to match,” the Headmaster warned.

I nodded. I felt like I was being speared in the gut.

Tomorrow? I would have to wait for the rest of the day and night before I could find out what my element was? What if I don’t have one? What if my eyes don’t change colour?

I hit myself mentally to snap out of it.

The headmaster was watching me carefully. I took in a deep breath.

“I’ll be there,” I said.

“One more thing,” The headmaster said. I looked at him questioningly. “You better think of a name for yourself.

It’s up to you if you wait for a day or two, but it would be best for you if fellow students and teachers had something to reference to you by.”

I nodded one final time and walked out of the office, followed by Kim and Dylan. Dylan took the lead as we walked back through the labyrinth of corridors, and emerged outside.

Kim sat down under the shade of a large willow tree, and I plonked down on one side of her while Dylan sat facing us.

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