mourning universe stories
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vtrippCommunity member
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learning to cope with the loss of something you thought was real


the memories were shoved back into the box on the day that I felt nothing.

i cut the cords on a relationship that had hung itself and closed the door on the smirks and smiles and jokes that tried to escape. past me pleaded but i shushed her. it was for the best.

i wandered around the museum of the girl i used to be, admiring the photos and art. when i reached the end, i fell onto my knees and cried at the throne that was built on deception.

you, crafting stories that i was told were nonfiction.

kneeling there, i collapsed into the sea of emotions and let them flood over my open eyes, burning away the numbness that was stained there from days of being alone.

the oceans comforted me as i cried.

in silence, the world mourned what could’ve been.

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