Another One of Those Nights. Record I

   Another One of Those Nights. 
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vlegend Community member
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It's not the first night you've been like this. You've lived through many. You'll live through this one.

Another One of Those Nights. Record I

by vlegend

It's one of those nights. I feel empty. Simplest way to put it is ....tired.

And I feel empty.

My usual "go-to"s aren't distracting enough from this feeling.

The shows on TV aren't interesting enough for me to focus on.

Social media isn't refreshing fast enough.

Video games aren't holding me as strong as they usually does.

Lying down isn't even relaxing enough.

I guess music is kind of... ...helping.

But none of these things that normally keep my mind busy, away from this always encroaching feeling, are working tonight.

I'm stuck here with my thoughts. The thoughts that eat away at me. Ones I fight off constantly.

They're winning tonight. Maybe I should let them just run through me. It'll pass.

I just need to ride the storm until morning.

Yeah. That's all I need to do.

Keep strong until it passes.

Hopefully by morning.

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