What should the Rabbit Do?
What should the Rabbit Do? deep stories

vishalchoudhary i lived through several lives
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tale of a rabbit trapped by illusions of the world.

What should the Rabbit Do?

once when the sun was still young,in a jungle calm,beautiful and green,

there lived many rabbits near the waterfall,the only they had ever seen.

the lions would come and scare the groups,drink water and chase any rabit,

running for their life they would think,think as it was their daily habit.

wish we could go to the forest of peace,where there are no lions to fear,

so all of us could live there happily,the elderly rabit's time was near.

he would stop the youngs to think of that,our home is the only place we belong,

if you think you will be happy leaving your home,my child you are very wrong.

but day by day they would leave the forest,looking for the forest of peace,

no one ever returns,think the young rabbit,are they really living in ease?

the day elder rabbit closes his eyes,telling the young ones not to leave home,

the young rabbit with the brightest fur would see,all of his friends are gone.

so he makes his mind to leave the place,following the footprints in the sand,

climbing mountains,hiding in caves,eating berries following the same trend.

over the horizon was grass so green,sky as much blue as a bubble screen,

then stood a mountain,climbing which he saw something he had never seen.

it had black clouds emerging out of some cave like structures,very scary,

felt the rabbit,moving towards them,slowly and carefully,dropping the berry.

soon came arrows and spears flying over,he never faced such true fear,

he ran here and there jumping,avoids the arrow, jumps avoids the spear.

he was never told about hunters,the greedy humans who cut trees and kill,

kill any other form of life they want to,they mined and destroyed the hill.

soon surrounded by hunters he was,he closed his eyes and now did relax,

i don't see them,nothing to fear they are gone.jumped and dodged the axe.

he ran and ran to go to the end of it,but hunters were everywhere,no end,

now he realised what old rabbit said,he was trapped and so was his friend.

there is no forest of peace now there,just an illusion,trapping everyone,

so he was left with no choice,he regret his decision,but it can't be undone.

in that world full of cruel hunters,he founf himself running for his life,

did he surrender to them?or he kept running?which one would have been right?

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