Prisoner Of Your Past
Prisoner Of Your Past breakup stories

vipinmaurya Community member
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Are you a prisoner of your past? Certainly,But...

Prisoner Of Your Past

Are you a prisoner of your past?

Certainly, I'm. But,

I've made a lot of effort to run away but my past catches me with no delay.

It haunts me and has control on my action I'm not being myself even a fraction.

Memories from the past are holding me back with a heart-wrenching flashback.

My heart becomes very feeble with the idea of trusting people.

I'm tired of running away from the past and get caught in midway by nights watch.

So I tried to break the prison in the day by trying to live in today

but the characters of the past and their emotional attacks makes it an impossible task.

I, then try to flood the prison by night with the tears while I write.

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