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by vinshikajain

As 2016 is coming to an end I want to express my gratitude to this year . This year has been so awesome..and bad as well but ended up on a good note .

This year I have learn so many things about myself...

I started my small journey as a writer .

This year I attend my first ever booklauch got a chance to see my fav author....

This year I learn that we should let go of people and friends who are not worth our respect and time ...

This year has taught me that life is very small and can end at any moment so you should enjoy your life to the fullest....

This year has taught me the importance of books in ones life. ..

This years has taught me about how to open up with people and talk and be friend with them..

This year has taught me that people will come and go but you need to stand like a stone and let them go without a tear ...

Thank you 2016 ...

Hope you enjoy reading thus is 💛.

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