I don't even hear it anymore
I don't even hear it anymore dreams stories

villageempoetry Community member
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will the dreams sent out ever return?

I don't even hear it anymore

my house sits just past a very lonely curve on a dirt road

so it can give the cars leaving town,  a push off in the right direction

the first sound of a car comes at 435 and starts low on the bottom step and climbs slowly and carefully 

like a son returning home late at night

the motor stands on the landing for a short while

then heads back down to the bottom just before my house

the square white light appears and  catches one of albert's eyes

the light swings away and leaves a faint red glow that fades

as the sound climbs back up the steps toward the sky

 i would send a dream a message to the future with each car especially that first one of the day

I thought one of those dreams would blossom into something and come back and get me

eventually I was too tired and I just let Albert send the dreams - on his own

I'm sure he did now I don't even hear the cars anymore

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