Bluechew Tablets Offer Prescriptions From Home
Bluechew Tablets Offer Prescriptions From Home bluechew stories

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Bluechew Tablets Offer Prescriptions From Home

What is the erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to get or maintain an erection

adequate for sexual intercourse. One in ten men (10 percent ) suffer from

impotence and it is observed in almost one third (30 percent ) of diabetic men.

The ability to obtain an erection is important to most men, young and old.

But many men suffer erectile dysfunction in silence, without seeking

help or advice. If There's a problem with one or more of these mechanisms, erection may

fail. During stimulation, nerve impulses travel from the brain to the penis and

activate smooth muscle relaxation in the penis. This promotes blood to

flow into the erectile tissues.

As the penis fills with blood, it expands and becomes erect. During

enlargement, the veins in the penis become compressed, blocking the flow

of blood out of the penis so that erection occurs. The penis stays erect

until ejaculation is finished or sexual arousal ceases.

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