Two Days
Two Days thriller stories

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A junior Detective officer who wants to learn from his senior. But Life doesn't go in that smooth way, there will be more twist and turns are kept waiting for us.

Two Days

William lying in his bed and get wake up in Morning, He turned off the Alarm before 10 seconds to ring at 6.00AM.

He gets up from the bed, and move to balcony with coffee and seeing the city with same costume.

Today is his first day as a Detective. He saw one sparrow comes and sit in the balcony beam.

William " Its a Beautiful Morning, but only for who manages to survive today, Mmmm(Deep breath)..."

He gets ready with first day Detective Uniform. And saw him in full costume in the mirror.

William " I can't wait.., Lets go"

William seeing the Police Department Entrance from the Road.

William meet his senior higher officer in his office to give the order letter, His name is 'Henderson' who leads the William for his training Period.

William" Good Morning Sir,..."

Henderson" Whats up lad..?"

William" I am new trainee officer under your guidance, Nice to meet you sir"

Henderson" Ok, So There is no time for Self Intro, Now I am going to investigate one crime scene, you just join with me, okay?.."

William" Yes sir"

Henderson put his hat and getup from his chair.

In the car..

William driving the car, and Henderson sit next to him.

Siren sounds with red and blue lights simultaneously.

William" So, What happened sir?, where are we heading?.."

Henderson" A Murder just before an hour ago, You are lucky enough to investigate your first case is a murder"

William" I think so.., Will it be there any combat sir?.."

Henderson" Mmmm.. Don't judge anything before you know. Just be prepared for everything, my son."

William" OK Sir.."

Car stops. Both are seeing that building from the road.

William talk with neighbor.

William" Did you see anybody in the room Mam?

Neighbor: "I don't know, I heard the breaking window sound. Suddenly I ran here to see what happened. Thats how I saw this, and then I called your officers sir.."

William: " Do you see anybody coming out from the room?"

Neighbor" No sir.."

William" Ok, thank you Mam, you can go"

Henderson enters into the room and william followed behined him.

William" Oh, Shit.."

Henderson" More blood, More Anger"

William" What the hell happened here!,"

A Female person has died on the floor with Severe injury on head. There is more blood on her.

Her's costume: White full sleeve shirt, black skirt, 30 yo

Henderson taken his Hat.

William and Henderson looking for any clues and evidences from the murderer.

William crouch near to her, say his hand. There is more hit marks.

Henderson takes one diary on the desk near bed and open the first page.

There is her name written on that. 'Lucy'

Henderson: " Luucyy..!"

William " So, First clue, sir..!"

Henderson moves near to the broken window and see outside and down.

There is one guy stands next to this building and seeing the room to know what is happening there.

Henderson saw him and shouts loudly. But he don't see the person clearly.

Henderson" Hey.. You, Stop!"

Suspect takes the run.

Henderson" Make sure to stay here and collect the evidences..!"

Henderson jumps off from the building and start chase the suspect.

William" Sir, Wait..!"

William calls the backup and he also jumps from the building.

Henderson chasing the suspect and William follows Henderson.

In between the two buildings, Henderson caught near to the suspect.

Henderson" Stop..."

And fires in the sky.

William after hearing the shot, he taken is gun and starts running faster.

William " Oh No..!"

Now he hears more two shots.

He run close to the spot where the gun shot sound comes from.

Finally he reaches the spot. He see Henderson has been took two shots on his chest and fell on the ground.

William come near to Henderson.

William" Oh Shit.. Hold on sir"

He just see around to where the suspect goes.

Henderson" Aaaahhhhh.."

William" Sir.. You will be alright."

" Are you hear me"

"Did you see him sir?"

"Who is he"

Henderson" He.. He.. He is..."

Henderson head fell on Will's hands.

William" Sir? Sir?....Oh No No No No..Sir"

William enters into his room with sad, mystery, anger, some thoughts and lied on his bed and went to sleep.

At midnight, It almost 2.00PM. He wakes up suddenly

William" May be there will be more clue to see "

William gets back to the Crime scene spot. There is Lucy body marks on the floor.

He moves near to the broken window at right place where Henderson stood and see the next building.

Then he goes to the spot where Henderson died.

He came to the spot with torch and see the Henderson body marks on the floor.

William" Fuckkk...."(With Anger)

"I should be here before he dies"

And he just look around near the spot.

He sees one glittering ring by the torch light on the floor just 6 meter away from Henderson.

He take that ring and put it into his pocket and sees any other evidences has been there. but nothing found.

He gets back in the car.

William enters his house with more thinking at the early morning nearly 4.00AM. He keeps walking in his room from one wall to opposite wall many times.

He feels,can't sleep anymore.

Sun Rising... Time 6.00AM, Alarm rings.

He put that ring in the table drawer and gets to bath.

While showering, William " What the heck happened?.. What the heckkk happenedddd?..

After took the bath, he wears his detective uniform.

He thinks he will find the suspect, by giving this ring to the Forensics.

While thinking, he open the table drawer for take the ring.

He saw one photo, That was taken from his Training period Finish Ceremony which includes Police Commissioner Rob, give the Medal badge to him, Henderson is standing next to the commissioner,

he claps for him. He can't control his anger for he Couldn't save him by himself. He rumpled the photo and throw it into the trashcan.

But it didn't goes well. It hits the side of the can and fell on the floor.

He saw then his eyes opened broadly, Heart beats above 100.., because he is only a Rookie officer. He hardly hesitate to make an action about this after saw that photo.

He urged to the Police Station.

He enters into the commissioner office with the ring. He hold back with his pocket. He stands right before the commissioner cabin wall which is transparent glass.

He seeing him talks with some other officer.

Then he move close to his door. That officer comes out of his commissioner cabin. Then he knocks the door,

Rob" Yes, Come in!"

William enter into the cabin.

Rob" Yes lad, Did you make any move in our Henderson murder case?"

William" Yes sir, But For me That feels very complicate to solve."

Rob" One thing, You need to understand my son,"

"Whatever happens you should be honest with your heart"

"Not for people, Not for your country, Or not for any other community"

" Do always what your heart says, and don't make any compromise for others"

William" Ok sir"

William trying to make a handshake with Rob, Rob gives his hand, William sees his finger. There is no ring on his finger.

William pushed him to the desk. Rob hit by the desk on his back.

Suddenly William takes his Pistol which holds on his back and take a straight point to commissioner.

William" Sir, Hands up.. You are under arrest".

"Please give your gun"

Rob through his gun away from him and lightly smiles back on william.

Rob" Well done my boy, you did well, You caught me brilliantly"

William" But sir, Why? what happened yesterday?"

Rob sits on his chair.

Rob" Drop your gun mate, I am not going to escape. I know I will be caught on one day.."

"But at very next day?.. Its all fate"

William" Tell me sir"

William's gun is still point to Rob.

"Lucy is my secret wife, we meet together only before 3 months. I thought it should be keep in secret"

"But She keep blackmailed me. She asked me to give 1 million dollars from Mafia Gangs"

"Otherwise she said, I am gonna tell to everybody about our relationships.

"I said, I don't do it at any cost happened to me"

" Yesterday, Conversation became conflict. I got so much anger, I couldn't control that"

" At one point, I just shot her, but I didn't do that purposely. It just an accident".

William " Sir, You should just tell before to our team about her"

Rob" I also tried to tell about her, But I can't.

"All these reputations I had gain through out my services, has stopped me."

William had no idea what to do at right now. He just keep starring at him

William" Sir, I have to take an action on you, Please cooperate with me"

Rob" As your way, Go ahead"

William asked to come out of his cabin with the gun point. Rob coming first from the room with hold his hands back on his neck. All the other officers in the station have shocked.

Officers crowd" What happened sir"

William also came out of the cabin with his gun which point right to Rob.

In Fraction of the seconds, Rob bends forward and taken his gun which hides in his leg shocks and shoot at William's head on his one hand, and also as in bend shape.

All the officers came forward to Rob for carry him.

"Sir, What just happened? ..!"

"Are you alright"

Rob " I am okay.. I am okay"

Rob sees william's face with sorrow.

Two days later..

At the Investigation room, meeting held by Human rights commission, which suspect on Rob's action taken on William shot to kill in the commissioner office.

Rob said, which are all happened to him, he just replaced with William's name.

He said,

Henderson knows all about him already at the crime scene. He tried to call me on that spot he ran way from him. But he couldn't.

William has no other way to escape from Henderson, So he killed him on the nearby spot where Lucy died.

I know 100% sure..He is being think that I didn't know about him, So he just came to the station casually.

I thought, I will make a clean arrest right in the police station

I kept wait for him with my hiding gun.

I just questioned him slightly about the murder, His answers had stuck in his mouth.

At one stage, He found that I know about the murder. He points his gun on me and asked me to through my gun. And I did as he says.

But He didn't know that I hided my emergency gun. That's all officers.

Human Rights Commission suspends him 3 months from his service.

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