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by Victoria Halliwill


You may feel so low at times, feel like you're never going to be good enough, feel as if you have done literally everything and nothing ever seems to go the way it should be, etc. THE TRUTH IS...

You don't have to sit around and wait for something great to happen, and you certainly don't want to sit there and wait for someone else to make something happen for you.

There is no greater feeling than SUCCEEDING! But what makes it even more better is knowing you did it all by yourself!! You didn't have to depend on anyone else.

You were strong enough to reach your goals in life! Some people are still working on their goals, and that is perfectly okay. As long as you never give up HOPE! You CAN do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

And as long as you believe in yourself that's all that matters. Love yourself, put yourself first, and do what makes you happy. As long you believe you can do something and set your mind to it..

IT IS POSSIBLE!! -Always believe you can , -Always say you will, -Never give up on your dreams

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@bernardtwindwil AW, thank you so much!! I'm glad. Even though I felt I could have done better.. I am glad you liked it and were so touched by it! :)

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This was so uplifting and positive that I felt like applauding. You turned those verses into a pep rally. I loved it. Great job!!!!