=Excerpts from a book i'll never write PT;1 =
=Excerpts from a book i'll never write PT;1 = feelings stories

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Just some ramblings i've never shared from a book i'll never write.

=Excerpts from a book i'll never write PT;1 =

"One day you will see,

she loved you beyond the seas.

She loved you beyond the moon and stars.

But most importantly she loved you beyond her heart..."

"It's funny how fate makes things seem so small.

I've never been one for fate

But to whom it may concern,

fate brings you hope and maybe,

just maybe,

you should follow it."

"I don't hate myself for loving you when you did not love me."

"Come find my brain where they put all the strange things"

"In a world so closed, its up to you to open your eyes,

and recognize the possibilities around you"

"I may be lost but at least the people i've met alone the way are lost too"

"I mean most the time i'm kind of just in my own world and it's the most terrifying yet spectacular feeling in the world."

"If nothing else I can say i've lived"

"5:30am and all I want to do is lay my head to rest and put all these negative thoughts to bed"

"Lipstick stained cigarettes and fumes of coffee,

Sounds an awful lot like a bad party.

Lipstick stained roses,

The ones that bloom so bright,

I'll pick a couple in hope to see you tonight"

"The rush of the water is the calming of the storms I feel inside"

"Madness returns at this hour,

When the world sleeps ad your thoughts go sour,

Oh my dear little Alice how did you get lost again?

How many blows does it take to make you forget?

Somewhere between lost and gone, i'll never return home.

Until the echos call "Alice you're dreaming again, time to wake up"

"Sometimes we all feel a little lost but I promise you my dear,

we are not lost but simply just wandering away from the reality to create one of our own."

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