Watashi No Haha: My Mother
Watashi No Haha: My Mother money stories
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Watashi No Haha: My Mother

by victoriaargent

I've Always Respected Her, My Mother, For Her Hard Work

But I Could Never Properly Love Her 'Cause She Made Me Grow Up Believing Love Just Wasn't For Us

But How Come Other Mothers Hugged And Kissed Their Children Goodbye? How Come You Rarely Gave Me A Smile?

Putting Me Down In Front Of Other Family Members Bragging About My Achievements Only When Convenient

Did You Ever Think About My Feelings? "Maybe Love Isn't For You", I Thought

But When A Brother Was Born I Saw A New Side Of You A Mother That Smiled And Loved Where Was She When I Needed Her?

No Matter What I Do, I'll Never Please You For I'm Not The Child You Choose To Acknowledge I Guess I Must Have Done You Wrong Already Before Being Born

For Financial Support I'll Always Be Grateful For I Know Money Is Not Always A Given

But For The Emotional Scars You Left Me With No Amount Of Money Will Be Able To Fix That

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