Hide and seek
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victoria_alvey Community member
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A poem on loss, grief and hope.

Hide and seek

Last night

I saw you hiding in between my sheets

As though we're playing hide-and-seek

You scratched my hand and teased my sight

Just like the empty spaces did

So tell me plase

Were you carried away by the humming rye

I'm now asking every spike

Though there's nothing ghost-alike

Or maybe

You got mesmerised by deep lake's eyes

Lost between the sky blue pebbles

So I'm sinking in the dark

But you haven't left a mark

Now it feels

Like you might have gone astray

In the field of emerald blades

So I'm checking every shade

Painting the naive daisies red

Though there's nothing but their heads

Can it be

You're wandering in a snow-white fog

Chasing after small blue stones

So I'm still forging ahead

Blindfolded through the groves

Though there's nothing but the thorns

Are you

Hiding in cold hollow trees

While I'm studying every crease

Though there's nothing that comes through

But the howls of freezing wind

As long as my hands preserve their hue

As long as there's air in view

As long as my eyes stay blue

I won't cease to search

For you

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