The ritual
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Im trying to practice writing about everything and anything. Thanks for reading šŸ’›

The ritual

Every few months I set aside a few hours to make my body butter. It is an event for me. It is a ritual that I look forward to. It is a way for me to decompress and show appreciation to my skin.

I start my ritual by opening the biggest window in my little aparment. I love the sound of the outside entering.

I set my Spotify to the Lauryn Hill radio, and put a few drops of lavender into my diffuser.

I contentedly watch the steady stream of deliciousness emit from the little machine. I fan the steam towards my face and inhale deeply.

I go to the kitchen and pull out everything I need. I grab the glass bowl, wooden spoons, and optimistically grab the measuring cups. I always intend on measuring my ingredients but I normally resort to measuring by consistency and/or gut feelings.

Next to the bowls and utensils, I place the tub of Shea butter and bottle of almond oil. About an hour prior, I immersed a sealed tub of cocoa butter in warm water, to melt it down to an oil. The cocoa butter takes quite a while to melt.

I scoop out the Shea butter and put it into the measuring cup.

This is about the time I give up on the measuring cup, as it is an additional unnecessary step, and put the measuring cup away - "next time", I promise to the little metal inanimate object.

I dump a generous amount of Shea butter into the glass bowl that I set on top of a medium sized pot full of boiling water. I watch as the heat, from the pot, melts the butter.

I stir, poke, and prod - encouraging the butter to liquify. I'm humming along to 'Ex-factor', by the sovereign queen, Ms. Lauryn Hill.

"It could all be so simple.ā€ But you'd rather make it hard", indeed Ms. Lauryn. "Loving you is like a battle", I cooed to the last chunk of butter that refused to give in.

I poured the tub of cocoa butter into the bowl of Shea butter, and then squeezed a hefty amount of almond oil into the mixture.

Once the bottle of almond oil began contorting to the imprint of my hands, I assumed it was enough and stopped squeezing. I emptied the chocolate smelling goodness into a glass jar.

For the next hour, or two, I will periodically stir the substance while it hardens ensuring the results are soft and fluffy. I take a nice, long. whiff of my creation and rub a drop on my skin.

"Masterpiece", I whispered into the jar of golden dreams.

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