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Forms of creativity aren't always tangible.


by veritymcrae

I have always been surrounded by forms of creativity.

From the moment I was conceived, and to the childhood memories I ponder and cherish.

I danced in my mothers belly, while she performed also.

I was used as a infant guitar to my fathers new song.

I painted what I saw in the frosted Eastbourne creek.

And I couldn't help be the star of my fathers 40th, stealing the microphone from his band to sing my own version of 'Happy Birthday' at the age of 4.

But then I grew older and began to notice that I wasn't alone in my creative world. Others could also do what I could do.

So I gave up art when my friend painted a better self portrait.

I gave up singing when I didn't get chosen for my school band.

I gave up dancing when I didn't win 'hip hopper of the year'.

And I gave up playing the guitar when my brother became superior in only a matter of days.

I never forgot my thoughts, feelings and concepts, but always felt lost with no more ways to express these.

Until I sat at the top of a hill, at a seat I had helped build and thought. I am myself, I have these thoughts, feelings and ideas. Therefore,

I am Verity and I'm a verbal artist.

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