The Watchers of the Worlds
The Watchers of the Worlds scifi stories

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After a night out, a man has a very ominous dream.

The Watchers of the Worlds

Oh, I think I drank way too much for my own good tonight. But I just needed a break; one night off.

I have been so damn busy with my research of the cosmos, and all of my astronomy, that I think I deserved a night out.

Long have I been curious about our galaxy, as well as the possibility of other galaxies, and everything that may or may not exist hidden behind the stars and planets.

There must be so many more planets that we have yet to discover, and I am certain that at least some of them must have species equally as evolved as humans, perhaps even more so.

For as long as I can remember: I have been curious, fascinated, some may even say obsessed with our galaxy.

But who can blame me?

When you really put your mind to work and consider all of the unfathomable things that the undiscovered parts of the universe may hold, it is hard not to be interested in such things.

I digress, all of the constant studying has been giving me an everlasting headache, which is why the night out was much needed.

But now it is time for me to sleep, I hope I do not awake with a hangover.

I went to shut my bedroom curtains as I would any other night, though I could not help but notice something very strange catching my eye in the sky.

It appeared to be a humanoid face, that was made up of thousands and thousands of stars. "Never mind, this is merely the brain playing tricks on me in my vulnerable and intoxicated state."

I told myself as I finally closed the curtains and climbed into my bed.

I later awoke feeling as if something wasn't quite right; I quickly realized that I was in my bed, but not in my room. The room I was in can only be described as a bright, white box.

No doors or windows were visible, I was in nothing more than a small square which seemed to illuminate itself.

I got up out of the bed and went to investigate. But before I could, I heard a voice talk to me.

"Greetings, Number Sixty-Four. It's so nice to finally meet you."

The voice echoed in the room, and it felt as if the words were being spoken from right inside of my head.

An ominous and cloudy fog began to fill the room. When the fog had subsided, It revealed a figure dressed in robes that seemed to be human, but was around twenty-feet-tall

Despite the figure being ridiculously tall, he still seemed to be like any other human, so I did not fear to talk with him.

"W-Where am I?" I said, unable to think of anything else to respond with.

The giant man walked a few steps closer to me and looked into my eyes.

"You are in space, my friend! The very space which you have spent such a long time observing."

I looked up, speechless.

"There is no need to be afraid, my friend, I mean you no harm. You are here because you are one of the special ones."

The giant man went on, his voice still echoing in my head.

"Special? How?" I said.

The giant man gave me a wicked grin.

"I watch over the world you live on: Earth. I am always looking down upon the planet and its inhabitants. But one thing I never expected, is that one day a mortal would look back at me."

The giant man paused before continuing.

"You saw me in the sky, but my form is something no mortal should be able to comprehend. Regular mortals will see me as nothing more than a constellation of stars."

I shook my head.

"No... No. This isn't real, I just drank too much."

The giant man raised one of his eyebrows.

"Not real? I think you know that this is more than just a dream, my friend. You are here because you have been chosen to be the next Watcher of the Worlds."

I swallowed. "What is that supposed to mean?" I said.

"Before the universe came to be, I was the only living thing in existence. I decided to create life on many different planets, and to observe how each species acted.

Little did I know how advanced some of the species would become, such as you humans."

The giant man walked even closer to me, and put his humungous hand on my shoulder.

"The whole purpose of life on these planets is for me to see which mortal is most worthy of ascendance, until there is one Watcher for each World.

When you pass away, you will become the Watcher of Earth. You will judge those on Earth and decide if each individual is good or bad.

Upon their death, the good souls are transported to an alternate dimension; or an 'after-life' as you humans call it. The pure souls will enjoy an afterlife of love, peace and prosperity.

The bad ones are simply erased from existence, to inevitably be forgotten about."

I tried to speak, but before I could the giant man interrupted me.

"Come with me, my friend. I will show you how the universe truly looks."

He said, as the white walls suddenly disappeared, as if they were merely a figment of my imagination.

The giant man led me through what looked to be a giant headquarters. I could see other humanoid-like creatures but there were also many species which I cannot even describe.

They all seemed to have a star with a number inside of it tattooed on their wrist.

Eventually, we reached a huge window. As I glanced through it: I saw so many stars, comets, planets.

It was such a beautiful sight, one that was hard for me to believe I was seeing, even if this was just a dream.

"You see, my friend, the only way each planet can prosper is if they have one true leader. I believe you are the person who was meant to watch over the Earth. Hold out your arm, my friend."

I reluctantly held my arm out towards the giant, he grabbed a hold of my wrist and squeezed it as if he was trying to to break it.

When the giant let go of my wrist, I noticed that there was now something marked on it.

It was a star with the number sixty-four inside, just like the tattoo all the other species here seemed to have.

"Go now, Number Sixty-Four. For when the time comes, we will meet each other again; and you shall become The Watcher of Earth." The giant said to me.

"No, wait!" I tried to say quickly, but it was too late.

The giant had already blown a gust of wind into my face and everything around me began to de-materialize before my eyes, until there was nothing but black.

I awoke instantly, and jumped out of bed, opening my curtains to look up into the sky.

"No face there..." I said to myself quietly.

It all felt eerily realistic: I had never felt such feelings and sensations in a dream before. It was a crazy dream, but it was a dream nonetheless.

At least that's what I thought, until I saw a familiar tattoo on my wrist.

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