The School of Lost Souls Part 1
The School of Lost Souls Part 1 horror stories

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After hearing about an unsolved series of murders that took place at their school four decades ago, classmates Luke and Lee decide to infiltrate the school during half-term to attempt to uncover the truth. Are they merely over-exaggerating like regular teenagers, or will they uncover the chilling secrets of the past?

The School of Lost Souls Part 1

By Verbena

"Are you sure there's even people there during half term, Luke?" Lee asked me, which pissed me off since I had already answered this question several times.

"Yes, they have cleaners and maintenance people come in every half term. Some teachers too" I answered, trying not to snap at him. You see, Lee isn't exactly...

well, let's just say he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. You tell him something and he forgets it within half an hour.

I suppose it's not his fault that he's slow, but my god sometimes it makes me want to strangle him. Lee is almost the polar opposite of me - I'm very physically fit and have an above-average IQ.

Lee is pretty chubby and... well I'm not entirely sure what his IQ is, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was lower than his age.

Speaking of age, that's about the only thing we do have in common. We're both sixteen and leave school this year.

The school we attend has a sinister history behind it, a dark past that people don't speak about anymore.

Forty years ago, there was a huge investigation surrounding the school and several missing students.

These students were seen entering the school on the day they went missing, but not a single person had seen them leave.

All the students that went missing happened to have after-school detention with one particular teacher, so naturally he was the main suspect for the disappearances.

However, due to a lack of evidence no arrests were made. The police claim they thoroughly searched the school grounds for any traces of the missing students, but to no avail.

The teacher eventually quit his job and moved away, unable to take the accusations made against him any longer - which I think is understandable if he really wasn't involved.

And that was it, as the years went by people were talking about the incident less and less.

But this particular incident has always interested me, so many questions remain unanswered.

I had always been interested in unsolved mysteries, and this was an unsolved mystery that I was reminded of every time I went to school.

I was so curious about this case that I would frequently ask any teacher I could if they knew anything about it.

But as soon as I mention it, they just disregard it and act as if I've committed some kind of unspeakable crime.

If you've ever read the Harry Potter books, or seen the movies, then you know how the witches and wizards act whenever Harry says Voldemort's name.

That's exactly what the teachers here act like whenever I try to ask them about the incident; my music teacher told me to never mention it again,

the principal told me that I would be punished if I let my curiosity get the better of me, and my English teacher has refused to even talk to me since I asked him.

I really don't understand why they are so unwilling to talk about it. I know it's a terrible thing but it's almost as if they're trying to cover it up or something.

I know that may sound ridiculous, but isn't it weird to not be allowed to speak of an incident four decades after it occurred? Something just seems off about the school and the staff.

Although, there was one member of staff that did tell me something interesting when I asked her about it. She said that she believes the assembly hall is haunted.

Apparently, when she was cleaning in there once, she kept hearing noises underneath the hall - and when she put her ear against the floor, she claimed she could hear screaming.

This was about three years ago now, but I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

I can't stop thinking about the possibility that the remains of the victims may be hidden somewhere under the hall. And that's why I'm here with Lee right now, to get to the bottom of this.

Since we leave this school in just a few months, I won't have an excuse to be inside the school grounds anymore. This is my last chance to properly investigate the hall.

If there really is something under there, then there has to be some way to access it.

I know you're probably wondering why I decided to bring someone as idiotic as Lee with me for such a serious plan.

Despite him being unintelligent, and sometimes annoying - I have grown to trust Lee after the five years we've been friends, and he has agreed to distract any member of staff that might get in my way, hopefully allowing me to bypass them undetected.

I am slightly sceptical about this since Lee forgets things so fast, but even if he can just keep one teacher distracted for a few minutes it will help me out greatly.

"So, are we just going to walk through gates, Luke?" Lee asked me in a tone of utter confusion. "No, Lee. Just stop asking questions, okay?" Lee nodded at me.

"Just follow me and do as I say, and all will be fine." I said as I walked closer to the school, Lee following along just behind me.

Eventually, I reached a tree I was looking for. I slowly began to climb the tree, but then realised there was no way Lee would be able to climb it.

I wrapped my legs around one of the thick tree trunks and extended my hands down to him. "Grab a hold of my hands and pull yourself up buddy" I said cheerfully, trying to encourage him.

After a few seconds of struggling, Lee was finally atop the branch with me.

He looked very pleased with himself that he was able to climb the tree, but the reality was that it was me doing the majority of the work. Sweet Jesus, my back hurts after pulling him up.

This particular tree had a branch that stretched out all the way over one of the gates surrounding the school, which would allow us easy and discrete access into the premises.

I swiftly dropped down from the tree into a large bush. Lee did the same, but not so swiftly.

I peered out of the bush, trying to see if anyone was around - we were in the school field so we wouldn't be hard to spot. Thankfully, I didn't see a single person. "Alright, Lee."

"Follow me and be as quiet as possible please." Lee nodded, not saying a word. We both walked briskly through the field, and I was looking in every direction I could to make sure nobody saw us.

We soon reached the music department, and all the doors were unlocked. As risky as it was to go inside, I knew it would probably be a better choice than to remain outside in the open.

I ever so quietly opened one of the doors and snuck inside, crouching behind drum-sets and large speakers every so often just in case a teacher came in unexpectedly.

Within the music department, there was an entrance leading out into the assembly hall - which was exactly where I wanted to go the most.

I can see the opening to the entrance from my current position, so I very slowly walked towards it, checking behind me to make sure Lee was following every so often.

When I reached the end of the hallway, I carefully looked to my left before turning right into the hall.

There was a couple of the music teachers in a room chatting, including the one that got mad at me for asking her questions about the incident.

The door was wide open, so I didn't want to attempt to go into the hall in case they saw me. I signalled for Lee to come closer with a nod of my head.

"Lee, I need you to do something very important for me, mate." Lee nodded, still not speaking a word. "I need you to go into that room and distract those two teachers for as long as you can."

"Tell them that you're really interested in a career as a musician, and ask them for their advice."

Lee nodded again, and began to walk towards them, but I quickly pulled him back "One more thing, Lee." I whispered into his ear. "Make sure you close the door when you enter the room."

He didn't nod this time, but he did give me a thumbs up. I watched him nervously walk into the classroom and close the door shut.

Unaware of how long he'd be able to keep them distracted, I moved right with a sudden burst of speed, entering the hall in what I can only describe as a stupid, unstealthily manner.

Luckily for me, there was not a single person in the hall.

I wasted little time and began searching the hall, moving every piece of furniture that I could - just desperately hoping that I find some kind of hidden door to an area below. Nothing.

I ran both of my hands along the walls hoping there would be some kind of hidden button or something. Nothing. "Hmm..."

"Perhaps that lady was lying to me, maybe she didn't hear screaming coming from the floor after all." I said to myself quietly.

As a last resort, I decided to get down on all fours and press my ear right against the floor - hoping I would be able to hear these so-called screams. I could definitely hear something...

but it wasn't screaming, more like rustling. Probably just the old floorboards creaking and cracking.

Suddenly, I felt a hand grab a hold of my shoulder, and turned around with haste - absolutely terrified of who it might be.

It was Lee, he looked like he was in a state of shock but that didn't supress my anger. "Jesus Christ, are you trying to give me a fucking heart attack?" I said, snapping at him with rage.

"Luke! I was walking down here and I overheard one of the science teachers talking about cleaning cages!" My expression of anger faded to a neutral expression.

"Oh shit!" I said without realising how loud I was being.

"Show me where they were, Lee! I bet those fuckers have got people locked up in cages! I bet they only clean the cages during the holidays when nobody is around, it makes perfect sense!"

To be continued (Text limit)

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