Scouring the Solar System
Scouring the Solar System space stories

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Diary entries of a man living in the future, in which he details what he found on a planet named Elyrion.

(I know it's not horror, but I just wanted to try something a bit different and see what people think - plus I am currently thinking of more horror stories, so don't worry if you're following me for those!)

Scouring the Solar System

The following text is a few of entries from my diary, back when I worked for NASA.

I worked for NASA for 17 years; I was the head of the crew that traveled to potentially habitable planets, in order to observe the conditions there.

My crew and I would, on rare occasions, stumble across something truly remarkable whilst surveying these planets.

This particular entry details a planet we visited in 2148, and explains what amazing things we had discovered there,

though words alone will never be able to express the surreal feelings that we had all experienced.

April 21, 2148.

We are visiting a new planet tomorrow, one I feel both excited and nervous about due to how little is known about it. The planet is called Elyrion - named after its discoverer, Jessica Elyrion.

Jessica had discovered the planet back in 2066, whilst stargazing through her telescope.

What makes Elyrion stand out amongst other planets, is that the planet seems to be constantly moving throughout the solar system,

and Jessica Elyrion just happened to look at the right part of the sky at the right time.

Since its discovery, Elyrion has been monitored and tracked consistently by astronomers, and we are now aware of where the planet is at all times.

Though little is known about Elyrion, it has been partially viewed by satellites, and appears to be absolutely covered with vegetation.

This is partially why I'm looking forward to seeing it, for a change of scenery; the majority of the planets we visit are very empty and depressing.

Elyrion has rekindled my love for my job, as the past few years had consisted of me and my crew traveling to Uranus and Neptune over and over again,

in order to bring back thousands of diamonds which are formed from methane on the planets.

There was even a few occasions where it had literally started to rain diamonds, and we had to retreat to the ship and wait for the deadly event to subside.

This was a big part of the job though, as profit made from said diamonds were how NASA were able to fund further exploration of hundreds of new planets.

This was mainly done in an attempt to solve overpopulation.

April 22, 2148.

We are about to depart to Elyrion, It's so close to Earth now that I can see it in the sky. Will write what happens after we finish the journey.

April 25, 2148

The second I exited the ship, the only thing I could see surrounding me was millions of gigantic plants: red, blue, purple, orange.

Any color combination you could imagine could be found on the flowers and plants of Elyrion.

The plants seemed to be aware of our presence, as each plant seemed to be moving to face our direction.

Upon further exploration of Elyrion, we had come across many streams of crystal clear water, though none of us had dared to sample it.

Despite the fact that there seemed to be no animals here, the planet felt very much alive. Partially due to the all the giant, colorful flowers surrounding us.

But also due to the relaxing ambient of nothing more than a simple stream of flowing water.

Due to the fact that the planet traveled the Solar System, you would see new planets in the distance every few hours. We even got to see a shooting star at one point.

I had never been much of a religious man, but this planet really opened my eyes and made me realize that there are so many wonderful things in this world, many of which we will never get to see.

This planet truly is the most amazing place I have ever set my eyes upon. The planet feels both simplistic yet surreal at the same time; as if it is some kind of dream-world.

As I sat upon the smooth surface of Elyrion, I felt inner peace for the first time in my life. I felt my body and mind both relax, as I sat back and admired the beauty of the rainbow foliage.

I felt very sad when I realized that we didn't have much time before Elyrion would be out of the Ozone layer once again, this was a haven that I could have relaxed in forever.

But unfortunately, we had used almost all of our oxygen up and we had no choice but to leave.

Before we departed, I took a sample of the water from the stream and placed it in a container, so that scientists would be able to determine if it is safe to drink.

Unfortunately, I don't think Elyrion will be a planet that will be inhabited by humans any time soon, due to the fact that it doesn't remain in the Ozone layer.

In fact, Elyrion only came close to Earth every few years.

That was another special thing about this planet, it was the only thing that had ever managed to pass in and out of Earths Ozone layer without suffering any damage.

Before we departed, I turned and took one last look at this amazing paradise.

And I swear to you, no word of a lie, that the plants were waving goodbye to me! I don't care what it takes, I will find some excuse for us to go back to Elyrion again one day in the future.

That concludes the entries from my diary. For the record, I never did get to go back.

I would like to finish by saying, the only reason I decided to share this is because I want people to feel as amazed as I was. Amazed at how wonderful this one planet was.

The galaxy is huge; bigger than we could ever imagine.

I would like you all to think about the fact that we humans have only discovered a very, very small percentage of what actually resides in the galaxy.

Just imagine how many other amazing worlds must be out there. Think of all the possibilities of what kind of phenomenons may occur on those planets.

If it rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptune, just think about what kind of things may happen on planets far, far away.

I like to think to myself, that in places far beyond our reach, there are worlds with other living beings wondering the same thing.

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