It's a rainy day
                      It's a rainy day  rainyday stories

venuspark29 New to writing.. Feel free to guide me ❤
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A rainy day 🌨 .. A basic try to write something like poem 😅

It's a rainy day

The day seems short,

The night is long,

It's a rainy day with the winds along.

You sit around the window,

To see the beautiful rain,

It brings back the memories of your childhood days.

It's 5 in the evening but it's already dark,

Don't eat the dinner it's still the snacks time on,

And now eat before your mom shouts loud.

Here comes the night with the cloudy sky,

The smell of the soil gives the moment of joy, Don't stress about the future it's the present that decide.

You want to see the stars but it's the season of clouds,

But if the moon is seen you are already a lucky guy,

Pray to the lord hoping everyone's alright.

Thunderings have been giving you a lot of chills,

Listen to a song which gives you warm feelings,

Now go to sleep because it's past your bedtime.

Dream about the rainy beautiful day.....

Because it's been the rainy day with the winds along ❤☔

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