Fade to Black
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Fade to Black

You found me on the rooftops sitting by a fire, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.

Something inside told me to run, but what did my instincts know? They had failed me before, so I ignored my gut, and took the cigarette.

You made me your shadow, stroking my ego, and for awhile I allowed myself to believe it was love.

Despite your cold demeanor, and your twisted appetite, I wanted it to be lasting. I wanted you to be my solution.

For months on end I warped my own thoughts, implanting feelings that you never gave. I asked you to ease my mind, just for one last night, well...

You did.

You gave me this head change, as if you read my thoughts, but it was all just a ploy in your sick twisted game. You took hold of my lungs, nails digging deep, it was then that I realized my voice was gone.

I ignored all the warnings, so numb to you, that I couldn’t see the damage you had inflicted. So oblivious to the wavering of red flags that screamed “Damaged goods.” I was so lost in your lies that felt... Good.

How did I become a victim of your violence? Why didn’t I realize it sooner? From the second I placed you between my lips, you began the toil of my decay.

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