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venice ig: @venngogh
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keep the journey lightened up with your dreams and hopes! and never ever ever eveeer settle for anything less and be so many things because the possibilities are endless xx

unapologetically you

by venice

remember this: you are who you choose to be from the beginning, you are unlabeled, uncategorized, and always beautiful

life itself is not a battlefield but rather a journey; do not let life mold you violently to fight against your heart and make you cruel

you do not exist to a blueprint neither a map to follow a plan you exist to be a dreamer as limitless as the universe and as far as the stars

thus keep your heart gentle and grasp on the endless possibilities ahead of you but mind the roads you'll cross upon

and keep planting your dreams into your palms and hold onto it so tight, just so you don't have to reach for it

view life as an adventure to learn to understand love and be who you are

a journey of life doesn't stop for as long as you are breathing, so keep moving forward.

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