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venice ig: @venngogh
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NSFW. I just thought it's so important to talk about. Also, the novel is called, running by cara hoffman: pg. 143-144.


i just want to clarify a few things, that men can also be raped and it's not just because they are weak or it's their fault that it happened or it's impossible to happen and if you think that,

i think you are completely wrong. not just men; trans, gays or lesbians and women can be raped too. but the notion of: "men can't be raped" is truly absurd.

according to this book i just recently read, a novel; "if he truly meant no, i'd never have been able to knock him down".

because men are supposed to be strong and a girl/woman can't beat him is again, truly absurd.

when panic/fear rush in, the body and the senses gets weaker and to get out of the situation is harder than anyone think it is.

for the body to react during the interaction is not to say they want it.

the person has no control to how their body reacts during sex even if they say no, the body still reacts to how it's supposed to despite the resistance.

it is not valid to force yourself to someone even after they say no because it's rape no matter where you look at it.

men are also able to be scared and it's a valid emotion and it doesn't mean they give in, and this applies to all genders, no matter what their sexual preference is.

i truly believe that sex is consensual, and if both parties agree on it, i see no reason to object.

but for them to say stop or no or pull away is a clear message that there should be no interaction, because it's rape, whether they are drunk, unconscious, a man, a woman, they've orgasm,

they wear revealing clothes or even naked in front of you but without their consent.


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