lessons of love i learned.
lessons of love i learned. love stories

venice ig: @venngogh
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turned 23 and happier.

lessons of love i learned.

one (1): i fall in love with every single thing that people tend to hide about themselves, its as if i am the only one who sees and so i was the only one to fall.

two (2): there was no string of attachment knotted on my finger hence shall you not wonder why you never hear your name from my mouth.

three (3): i have made up my mind when i held your hand, i will never be afraid of letting them go and losing you of my sight.

four (4): i know, i have said you are made of star dusts but i will never reach for you again.

five (5): today i am in love with you and if there will be no tomorrow, so be it.

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