Yamada-kun And The Assassin Episode 1 Preview
Yamada-kun And The Assassin Episode 1 Preview fallenvengeance stories

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A preview of Yamada-kun and the Assassin before the release on 22 October 2018.

Yamada-kun And The Assassin Episode 1 Preview

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Urara Shiraishi, Kento, Roi, Jay, Miyabi Ito, Toranosuke and Leona Miyamura sat down on some chairs in a restaurant. They had booked a big table for their dinner.

Now, they're just waiting for Ryu Yamada and Nene Odagiri to arrive. Maria Sarushima quickly walked in the restaurant a few seconds later.

"Oh my, Maria." Jay said, "You got your face back, didn't you?"

"It really looks pretty." Miyabi added.

"It's all thanks to Kento-san for helping me find a plastic surgeon to help me regain my face back."

"That was no kick." Kento said to Sarushima, then turned to the rest, "Long time no see, guys. How's everyone doing now?"

"Yamada and I are planning to visit Tatsumi in Singapore." Shiraishi replied, "And I'll be working in Singapore for a week."

"I'm still teaching in Suzaku High." Miyabi said next.

"Toransuke and I plan to travel to the United States for holiday." Leona stated.

"And I'm going to the United States to further expand my modeling career." Sarushima ended the topic.

"Onii-san, what about you?" Shiraishi asked Kento, "What do you plan to do?"

"Live a normal life with my pretty wife."

At that moment, Ryu Yamada and Nene Odagiri walked in the restaurant.

"What did I miss?" Odagiri sat beside Kento.

"Nothing important, my sweetheart." Kento placed his arm on her shoulder and kissed her cheeks. She wrapped her hands around him and gave a kiss back to him.

"That's what I call a couple." Roi joked.

"When would you be leaving, Shiraishi-chan?" Jay asked.

"This Sunday."

"Which is three days later."

"Stay safe, please." Kento told Shiraishi. She nodded.

"You never fail to get worried over me." Shiraishi said, "I'm not a kid anymore, Onii-san."

"Of course you're not a kid now. You're a child now."


"At least you grew up." Kento said, "You're still a child though.

Remember when you told me you don't need help carrying a heavy box of books just a few days ago? You ended up dropping it on your leg and your leg got injured."

Shiraishi's cheeks turned red. Everyone else started laughing.

"C'mon, at least Shiraishi tried." Yamada said.

"Yeah!" Odagiri smacked Kento's shoulder, which caused him to winced in pain, "How can you make fun of your sister?"

"It was all for fun." Kento replied. Shiraishi let out a small laugh.

"Guys, let's not waste anymore time." Toranosuke spoke out, "We need to clank our glasses together."

"Because that shows how united we are." Roi said, "Man, you've said that every month we meet."

"It's important. It also represents our friendship." Toranosuke added on, "I treasure this moment every time. You may not know. I might be gone any day. Even tomorrow."

"There you go, cursing yourself again." Leona sighed, "What's wrong with you?"

"Just sayin'." Toranosuke rolled his eyes, "Anyway, let's get clanking."

Everyone raised their glasses and clanked them together.


Brian slotted the money into the cash register swiftly and sat down on a chair.

"At this rate, I might as well go fuckin' bankrupt." He took up his cup of coffee. He was about to drink it when he heard music blasting loudly.

"Ugh, fuck!" He slammed his cup of coffee on the table, "Why is it always this motherfucker?"

Brian stood up and walked out of the store. He saw a guy with purple and light brown dreadlocks. A speaker was beside him, music blasted loudly. People walking past gave him weird looks.

"It's you again, Dread-sucker." Brian went to turn off the speaker.

"Hey, fucking bitch." The guy growled, "Who are you to switch off my music? This is my speaker. Plus, this is my turf, not yours."

"But it doesn't have your name on it though." Brian said before looking down on the floor, searching his name with sarcasm.

"You think you're funny, motherfucker?" The guy asked.

"I didn't laugh, so I ain't funny to me. Maybe you are."

"You need to learn to shut your mouth, Mr Chung." The guy said, "I can really beat you into a pulp with my fists."

"Still using violence?" Brian laughed, "Grow up, kid."

"Did I hear it right?" The guy asked rowdily, "Did you just call me a kid?"

"Of course I did." Brian went near to him, "Aren't I right? You dropped out after elementary school because of disciplinary issues.

You're defiant to your parents and your solution to a problem is always fighting. What a childish kid. If your brother didn't support you with money, I bet you'll be sleeping on the streets."

The guy clenched his fists.

"So, my dear friend, don't talk to me only with that elementary school certificate." He then gasped in shock, "Whoops, I'm sorry. I should correct my sentence.

Don't talk to me when all you have is nothing except your fighting skills. At least I finished school."

The guy punched Brian with all his might. Brian fell onto the floor, spitting a bit of blood out from his mouth.

"I'm surprised your mother didn't teach you manners. I'll make sure I'll teach you that today." As the guy was about to punch the weak Brian, a police officer came and blocked him from punching.

"Grover Longsliver." The police officer sighed, "Why is it always you bullying that guy?"

"Hey, stupid Chung started it first, Officer Sebastian."

"You're going back to the station with me." Officer Sebastian handcuffed his hands and pushed him away to the police station. Brian got up slowly and wiped his mouth with his hand.

In the police station, Sebastian brought Grover to his office and took off his handcuffs.

"Tell me, Longsliver." Sebastian asked, "What did you do this time?"

"I just disturbed him with music." Grover pointed his finger at Sebastian, "You shouldn't have told that motherfucking Chung about my history. Now he keeps making fun of me with that."

"That was just a way to counter you, Longsliver." Sebastian said, "I see Brian having a hard time because you keep disturbing his business.

You do know every shop in this neighborhood closed down because of you?"

"Yeah, yeah. I blast loud music almost every day, which caused them to leave and set up business elsewhere."

"Brian needs to earn a living, Longsliver. Could you just spare him and stop this blasting?"

"I'm afraid I can't, Mr Sebastian." Grover stood up, "I have a feud with him. He is my enemy. And I don't waver just because he's a weak guy. Neither do I care whether he needs to earn money.

He deserved it. He disturbed me in the first place."

Grover then walked out of the office. Sebastian sighed and shook his head in disbelief.

Catch the full episode on my Wattpad profile on 22 October 2018

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