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vendettaranger Author in the making
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In a brief story, Charlie must fight to survive in a plane. Which might be the answer to his nightmares.

Dream Arrow

Three men walked into a plane each had a suitcase and wore suits with a fedora. One man had a black fedora, the second man had a grey suit and the third with a white suit and red fedora.

They took a seat in the same row and opened up a book called The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. The year is 2017 and a flight from New York City was going to Washington D.C.

Charles Vargas; a man in his mid thirties, has just sat down four rows behind of the three men. Charles has brown eyes, with matching hair and suit with a black tie.

He was uneasy because he has had dreams of planes crashing and him dying. "Folks, please be sure to fasten your seat belts as we begin our flight to Washington D.C." said the stewardess.

Charlie fastens his seatbelt real tight. He began to nod off and soon he was asleep. That's when the dream started.

It is always the same thing every time he closed his eyes. It begins with him sitting in his seat. Smoke fills the cabins and hurts his eyes. Human heads are dangling from the ceiling connected by chains.

He can very faintly hear their screams. He gets out of his seat and run. He trips over a dead body that used to be his ex-wife. Her head and heart were both gone.

Her head was dangling from a chain and her heart looked like it was ripped from her chest.

He scrambled to his feet breathing heavily, his heart was pounding and he was sweating to where it got in his eyelashes. He soon heard a hissing sound that grew as it came closer to Charlie.

He looked around him and soon he tried to get the emergency exit of the plane. He struggled to open the door but it was jammed. He looked at the sound of hissing and there it stood.

A humanoid figure where a suit with a black fedora and a gun with flashing lights but the face was completely different.

The mouth was split open, two rows of blood-stained teeth and the eyes had red dots and black all around them.

The figure begins to laugh hysterically as Charlie fruitlessly attempts to open the door. He soon is eaten by the creature. Blood squirts on the walls and floor with screams from Charlie.

The plane then dives into the ground but he doesn’t die until the flames of the explosion engulf him. Charlie wakes up covered in sweat and panting.

He always felt the creature eating his stomach. The feeling of it fades away as he wakes up.

Charlie’s nightmares ruined his marriage. His wife, Tiffany, tried everything to calm him down and get rid of the dreams.

Therapy, comedic TV shows, and anything to try and get rid of the dreams. They never found the root to the problem or what the dreams meant. They were desperate.

They would fight because they were tired and were annoyed with each other. Tiffany blamed Charlie for her falling asleep at work which costed her job.

Charlie was annoyed at her for not having patience. After a bitter and loud fight, Charlie went to bed due to exhaustion. Surprisingly, he slept peacefully that night.

His wife’s side of the bed was untouched all night and morning. Charlie woke to find a letter on his nightstand with his name on it. Only a paragraph long.

Dear Charlie, I’m sorry for the fight but I can’t keep helping you anymore. I’m tired of dealing with a solution that doesn’t work. I’ve prayed to God if he can help but sadly nothing works.

I’m going to leave you and never come back. We don’t have kid to look after, so there’s no reason for me to stay. I guess we are those people who had fell into a funk and divorced. I cheated on you with my boss. I hope you have a good life, Charlie.


Charlie closed the letter and wiped the tears from his eyes. Two months have passed and Charlie was moving to D.C. for his new job as a lawyer.

He would now spend his nights awake and going over cases to help prepare for the court. While he has had many wins, he never was truly happy when he got home. He left empty inside as a piece of him is lost and will never be found.

“Would you like a drink, sir?” asked a stewardess with a tablet in her hand.

“Uh...yes,”mumbled Charlie, “I’ll have a beer.”

“That’ll be three dollars.” said the stewardess. Charlie paid her with cash and she walked away. He sat in his chair and looked out the window. He heard a conversation that caught his attention.

“I’m telling you, those men are very suspicious. I accidently went into the bathroom which should’ve been locked,” said a women in the seat in front of him.

“And I saw what looked like a gun that was futuristic and had flashing lights. It was certainly not a toy.And his face was open with rows of teeth. He must be a demon of some kind.”

“Now honey,” said the man who appeared to be her husband “I’m sure that you were only dreaming.”

“No I wasn’t!” exclaimed the woman. The two got into an argument that ruined their marriage that didn’t just involve the gun, but also many other things. Including the husband’s prostitutes.

Charlie stopped paying attention to this and was focused on one of the three men with matching black fedoras. He noticed that all three were snoring.

The stewardess startled him which made him jump from his seat. “Here is your beer sir.” said the stewardess, handing him a cold can of beer with a cup of ice.

“May I also get a cup of coffee with no cream and sugar, please?” said Charlie, taking the beer. “I can arrange it.” said the stewardess, she turned around with an empty tray and walked to the back of the plane. Charles saw this as an opportunity to see if those men were from his dreams.

He could have their face open up and eat him. He would be dead, bad idea. Charlie felt like he shouldn’t mess this up because unnecessary blood on his hands would make him feel worse.

So, he began to get up from his seat and walked calmly and quietly over to the three men with fedoras. They were snoring with the book on their laps and hats titled down, shielding their eyes.

He noticed a shiny metal object sticking out of a jacket pocket, he pulled it a little bit to see that it was a laser gun that did look like the one from his dreams.

He got a flash image where he saw the figure again, hissing and holding a gun with flashing lights. Charlie gingerly pulled out the gun but then froze. The man in the grey fedora adjusted his seating position and his head turned facing Charlie.

Charlie swallowed and then continued with what he was doing. The gun was all the way out of the pocket. It was cold, metal that could’ve been steel or titanium, and the lights were flashing but turned off instead.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” said the man who sat at the far end of the three seats. “Boys, wake up! We got a problem.” said the man with a black fedora. “Uh oh,” said Charlie, he pulled the trigger and blasted the man with the gun, “This isn’t good.”

A weird purple slim like goop came out as the man in a gray fedora hollowing in pain. He tried to stop the bleeding, or at least Charlie thought it was blood. He was shaken from what he did.

The two remaining men look at him with anger and pull out their guns. Charlie runs to his seat and hides away from red bolts shooting out.

An exchange of red bolts throughout the plane took place along with screams from men, women and children. Every thirty seconds, people around Charlie were shot at causing injuries or deaths.

A son was cradling his arm as his mother repeatedly telling him “It’s gonna be okay, sweetie.” Charlie summoned up all the courage he could get and focused his shooting on the two remaining men instead of around them. The guy in the red fedora got hit by the shoulder and screamed in pain.

But it was more of a hiss. Charlie froze as the man in the black fedora had his face stretch. Charlie soon realized that these men were the creature from his dream.

The man had two rows of blood-stained teeth and the eyes had a red dot at the center and black all around them. Just like in the dream.

He stepped out of his shooting spot and continued changing to where his fingernails grew and sharpened, along with his arms extending two inches, his back arched over and finally drool dripped out. Charlie grew pale and took two steps back. The creature came and then pounced Charlie.

In one quick move, he shot at the emergency door which cause it to be open and sucked the creature up as it was in mid-air.

“Hope you enjoyed your flight.” screamed Charlie as the creature fell to his death. Everyone screamed the top of their lungs and holding for dear life.

Charlie was holding onto a chair that was beginning to give way. The man in the red fedora was on the floor of the plane and shot the chair that melted and sent Charlie out the emergency door. And the creature laughing.

He fell through the sky and saw the runway come closer to him. He saw the plane land but one of the wheels broke causing the plane to crash and then skid.

When the plane exploded due to the damage of an engine skidding on the ground, Charlie had hit the ground and died. The last thing Charlie saw was gray concrete and then whiteness, possibly heaven.

The fire crew and paramedics came in hopes of finding any survivors, only one person manage to crawl from the wreckage with severe burns and ruined clothes.

In left hand was a ruined book where half of it was burned off. And in his right was a damaged suitcase that would no longer close. He walked away from the wreckage.

The paramedics never saw him because he was on the left side of the wreckage. The paramedics did move to the other side but the man was long gone.

A firetruck passed him but the driver didn’t think much of it. The driver did think his red fedora was cool though.

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