Mr and Mrs. Creepypasta Chapter 2
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This was going to get a bit bloody.

Mr and Mrs. Creepypasta Chapter 2

Her eyes glowed at the sight of the man's blood, and it was quite frightening and disturbing to watch her lust over blood. I could feel hate boiling over my mother's face.

She held on tight to her teddy bear, it may be the only thing holding her back from destroying that girl.

"Lucius I swear to god if you don't tell that girl to back off I'm gonna wreck hell on her!" Mom whispers in my ear. I could feel her breath hissing between her teeth.

But I couldn't do anything about it. I was intrigued about what may happen next.

The girl begins to speak,

"James, I was wondering if you'd be so kind to help me with something.." She asks the man politely using a puppy face look. James nodded and The girl began to pull off her shirt.

At this point my mother's mouth was completely dropped. She turns around and walks away. Weird, I would have thought she would attack the girl.

Jame's face falls instantly to her small perky tits. His cheeks redden. Ugh, a horny target. She's good at finding the perfect catches. For completely different reasons than mine.

Unless she saw the sprained ankle as well.

It took almost every muscle in my entire body to keep from looking back at her tiny tits. Sunlight glimmered on them like she just got out of a pool like a model. I kept my eyes on her face.

"Whoa.. What are you planning on me doing with you sweet heart?" James ask's her. I roll my eyes, this is going to be terrible to watch. She smirks causing sparks to shoot up my back..

Damn how'd she look so amazing just by smiling. And it wasn't even a smile, it was an evil dark look in her face. Once again, disturbing.

"Maybe you could, oh I don't know s-" She answers James, I cut off my will to listen before she could say anything about taking off the damn bra. I could feel tension rise into the air.

The cause of the tension probably mostly radiated from me. This situation was getting uncomfortable. I tried to keep my breathing steady and on the low.

But as I watched him undo her bra, my breaths had gotten less shallow and became quite the opposite of silent. I felt a weird sense of a sneeze.

REALLY, NOW?! In the process of trying to stop my sneeze. I saw the girls eyes widen. I could see myself in the corner of her eye. She'd spotted me.

Me and her both knew she couldn't do anything about it now. So she put her head down causing James to follow her.

Was she covering for me?

When James tried to look behind him she kept his face to hers. Every time their lips collided together I was safer. I don't know why I didn't leave yet, I guess I was just interested.

I know I shouldn't have been though.

While James and the girl kissed, she took a Razor from the back pocket of her shorts. It shined in the little sunlight that looked like some sort of signal.

Of course a small girl like her wouldn't even be able to make such a thoughtful plan in the matter of 24 hours. She probably just sensed him like I did.

The girl whipped her leg around the back of Jame's leg and knocked him down.

She put the Razor to his neck while she, with on hand, put her bra back on. Terror shone in James eyes, and probably mine as well. I didn't realize her weapon was a Razor.

A Razor of all things. She smiled at him with pure evil causing my stomach to jolt. This was going to get a bit bloody.

I watched as she whispered something into James ear, Fear caused his body to stop functioning correctly, James began to shiver uncontrollably.

James began to talk back making her immediately cut open a large gash into his neck. Blood began to spill out of the wound. She barely missed a vein. He's lucky for now.

I could see tears forming in James' eyes.

She really surprised the living hell out of him.

And soon she cuts so deep it finally cuts through an artery. Blood gushed from his neck making a bit of a mess on her Grey bra. Too bad to.. It looked nice on her.

-Oh ew.. sorry

Finally once the body underneath her stopped breathing she looked at me.

"Hey, Toby's little boy." She calls to me while she slowly gets off of the dead body. "You can have the body.. Just don't tell your family about me.

" She winks and rushes away after kicking the body towards me just a bit.

Did she really think my family wasn't going to find out about this? Let alone that my mom could have shut her mouth when she got home. Which I guarantee she didn't.


Oh how I loathe going home right now.


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