Sky Falling
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veiledwords writing in the stars, what it forgot to!
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Sky Falling

I looked up to the blues, no, not of my life,

I looked up to the blues of the blue sky.

This time it seemed to me more pink!

As if it were blushing, putting aside all the gloom at brink.

I could feel it shining, with a silver lining,

As if it wanted to lure,

Its lover! Rather lovers! The sky lover!

I was compelled to ask , what the matter is,

It'd shy and veil behind clouds,

Growing even more pink and orange and blue with the white veil.

Exactly how someone would feel, just before honest confrontation.

All shade at once, hiding none.

Sky is falling.

Falling for those who'd admire all its hues,

And not just the blues,

Those who'd spend hours glaring,

not with the cameras,

those with their eyes naked,

those who'd bear with it through its piercing light

and those who'd cherish

it's black body at night with hints of glossy scars

and a big smile changing the length of its lips,

and even on days going through tough eclipse.

sky is falling <3

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