Co-Founder Dynamics in Startups
Co-Founder Dynamics in Startups entrepreneurship stories

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Post about co-founder dynamics in startups. Choosing and interacting with other co-founders.

Co-Founder Dynamics in Startups

by vascopatricio

Choosing co-founders is hard. But it's essential

Your whole startup will last or derail based on your choices.

Knowing them and trusting them is essential

Startups bring out the best and worst from people. You need someone you can fully trust.

Co-founding is a journey of discovery that brings out flaws

Qualities as well. But flaws are what can derail a startup.

You will want warriors that don't scare easily.

You will need people that get stuff done, are in it for the long-haul, don't scare quick, and have perseverance.

Agreement is fine, but conflict is important.

You will have arguments. Always. But there are arguments that make you grow, and others that are just useless.

After you make the choice, you have a great journey ahead.

Get to work and focus on your world-changing idea!

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