To the parents of today's world.
To the parents of today's world. motherson #family #youth #unity #depression #anxiety #parents #generation #phone #livesmatter #united #difference #hope #never stories

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Today,I am having a false hope that my words will make a difference in the society which most likely they won’t and if someone thinks the opposite way, prove me wrong.

To the parents of today's world.

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Today,I am having a false hope that my words will make a difference in the society which most likely they won’t and if someone thinks the opposite way, prove me wrong.

Dear parents,

I wanna tell you the stuff from a teenage point of view and I just want you to do one thing, just one simple request:Listen and accept.

Right now, you think your child is very rude to you, never lives up to his oppurtunities,is always on his phone, does stuff repeatedly wrong, cannot get marks properly, etc.

Well Let me tell you something,NO PERSON IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD IS PERFECT and if you wanna be somewhat as perfect, you need to view things from all perspectives possible.

Right now,Im just gonna tell you some stuff about your children.

“He/She can’t study at all and gets low marks, every other child in his class gets so better marks than him”

Well let me tell you this,if you get a robot instead of a child, consisting emotions and always succeeding his life like an amazing student.

Will that satisfy you?He/She can’t get good marks because they are different, not every child wants to become an engineer or doctor.Maybe they wanna be someone else in their life.

You barely have time to talk to your child and you are not ready to make some and even if you are,you are always talking about stupid topics.

You are never ready to accept things and always ready to criticise.I’m sorry if I’m being rude, but the truth is the truth.

If a child is having a hard timeline depression, needs someone and wants to go to the therapist,

let them before its too late and if you think society is gonna judge you or so for sending your child.

No one is gonna and you know what screw them, do it for YOUR child because its YOU he/she looks upto.

“He/She is always on their phone”

Have you ever thought why they are on their phone most of the time?No,right?

You always assume that they must be on their phone to play a stupid game or just upload selfies or shit on social media.No,the reality is much wider than that.

They can be on their phone for multiple reasons.

Showcasing their talent of sketching and drawing through social media by attracting people or maybe as simple as to just call or chat with a friend to feel better if they are having

a hard time since you do 0.0001% effort in doing so.Just always ready to criticise the fact that you are not crazy that you need to go for a therapist.

Well they must be crazy to believe you at this point.

What do you think we haven’t memorised this and just came to you like it was a thought in our heads?We know all the causes and everything.

What we need is a solution and not problems to debate upon.

The main problem is that you love teasing or hitting your child that he becomes physically or mentally so weak to even talk and have a normal conversation with you.

Just wanna appreciate other children whose mothers and fathers are complimenting your own child because we love giving compliments to others and we are never satisfied with what we have.

What we require is unity, and what we get is criticism.Its enough now, start today, go talk to your child and care for his problems except for criticising them for useless and stupid stuff.

Don’t criticise, listen and respond after thinking.Its not always a happy ending, it can be a nightmare.If he/she does stuff wrong,its normal.

Is he/she giving up on you?No right?Why are you giving up on them?Dont.Just don’t.Think now and act instead of sharing this like a shitty WhatsApp message.Believe in unity and achieve.

Teenage lives today are messed up and not because of some breakup with their partner but with situations worser than these.

Life is scaring them and no one is there to help, if they are asking you, help them.Age is just a number but ideas make us worthy.

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