A Connection Stronger Than Blood Relation.
A Connection Stronger Than Blood Relation. actor stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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sisters in an unfamiliar connection.

A Connection Stronger Than Blood Relation.

Just because thou weren't in our family,I treated thou like a friend and not a sibling. But cometh and hear my realization of the faint connection that has brought us closer together.

This connection between me and thou and who knows how many other people comes mainly from the heart.This maker of love is considered unique yet some have the same heart,and have the equal and deep love for each other.

Cometh here and touch my cheeks,because we need to get used to each other's love for us . Cometh and proclaim that we are siblings and cannot be broken apart by hurtful words made by the men that state that we are not related,because ,we,sister,are bonded in love,and love itself.

Nothing can break us apart,O dear sister,as long as I adore thee.Thy choice it is to decide our relationship,and if thee accept it,we will be sisters for all eternity. cometh,sister,let us change our ways! Cometh,sister,in eternal grace.

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