7 years in Juvie...
7 years in Juvie... mom stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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staying in juvie seems a lot worse without a mom

7 years in Juvie...

I hear young kids weeping and their moms' warm comforts... I miss my own mom and dad...their infinite love for me...I silently cry,because I know nobody would comfort me. I have nobody.

Mom,why did you pass into the stars to leave me in this treacherous place? I was only trying to survive and they dragged me here to die... I want nothing...nothing more than your warm hands and your soft words.I miss your kind face and shiny brown eyes.

Your hugs soothe me,mom... you gave plenty of them when I was an infant,so tiny and innocent and not knowing that one day,when he turns 13,his mom will have to leave him forever...

leave him in this earthly underworld...

There is no rainbow without you mom... no sunshine,no euphoria,no blooming flowers... juvie seems an infinity times worse without a mother next to me...

I wouldn't give you up for a ton of gold. Please,mom,come free me from the wrath of juvie with your soft expression and soothing words...

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