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First Heartbreak

by vanillaocean

What was your first heartbreak?

Who was your first heartbreak?

When you ask someone that, they think of first grade

When the girl they loved chose their friend

Because they had the snack she wanted

But nobody ever really remembers who they were

Or maybe when you ask someone

They think of ninth grade

When they saw the person they liked

Kissing their friend at a party

And they'll always remember who they were

But what about the others? What about me?

Now, I can't speak for them

But my first heartbreak was not in first grade

Or ninth, or tenth, or even eleventh

My first heartbreak was

Well, I can't exactly remember it

But I remember who it was

It was the man who was supposed to protect me

Who was supposed to love me unconditionally

But instead of protecting me

He left scars with his ugly hands across my skin

And instead of loving me

He left scars of his ugly words across my heart Across my soul

Most people who get their heart broken

Run to their parents for comfort

But who do you run to

When the person who's supposed to comfort you, who's supposed to protect you is the person hurting you?

I guess this way is better, though

Because now nobody else will ever be able to break my heart

The way that my father did


Who was your first heartbreak?

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